Saturday afternoon with NFL preseason, and MLB games galore!

Being a sports fan, weekends are all too precious. Maybe not so when just Major League baseball occupies every day of the week, but there’s always something about being able to relax, place a couple of online sportsbook bets, then settle in with nothing more to do than count the days until football season starts while (hopefully) prospering on some of the afternoon’s games. A few teams of interest come up today in the NFL, however as stated before I fully believe betting on preseason should be only done if you’re completely willing to throw whatever money you’ve wagered away. I happened to get lucky betting on Buffalo to beat New Orleans yesterday, but I’m taking that money and running, for making any money in the preseason is good enough for me! I’m really only kidding´┐ŻI’ve got money on Carolina and Arizona this afternoon. I’m pretty excited about seeing Oakland with JaMarcus Russell, but Matt Leinart and the Cardinals will be seeing more to the likes of Daunte Culpepper and Andrew Walter than the new rookie today.

Switching back to the Major Leagues, there is plenty of action as always for betting on sports at our best online sportsbooks. The hunt for the postseason is still burning through August, as the American League races in particular are starting to become an everyday switching of the guards at the top of each division. In betting today, I can’t break away from the Yankees against the Indians, as I love a good match-up between two teams with heavy bats. While Mike Mussina hasn’t exactly been the most reliable of pitchers, I would bet on the Yankee bats to hold the veteran pitcher’s morale up. To add to this one, it’s almost a free bet to take the Angels at home this year. I’ve personally seen what they do to visiting teams (i.e. pick them apart for crooked number innings left and right), and I’ve got to say they are too much of a team for the Twins who are finding themselves a bit too average as they are consistently good at just about everything, but may not be exceptional at a few things that would help them into the postseason.

Shop around today for some great online sportsbook betting, and enjoy this Saturday if you, like myself were lucky enough to have off. As always our best online sports betting sites have all the sports betting action you would ever need, and we’re pleased that you’ve come to check out We try and test each and all of the sportsbooks and casinos on this site, and can definitely say that each and every one of them is a fun, secure, and enjoyable place to spend your time online. So place your bets this afternoon, and enjoy the rest of your weekend.

Aaron G.