Holy Monday Night football!

Ok, so not exactly but who cares? There is NFL football on Monday night again! Some good looks can be had tonight at some potentially very good teams, as Philadelphia and Baltimore face off, along with San Francisco, who will host Denver today. I must say I’m excited to see Baltimore this year, as Brian Billick has just about the same solid team as last year, plus what I have seen as an increase in team chemistry with Steve McNair at Quarterback. With Donovan McNabb still recovering from a surgery to repair a torn ligament suffered last year, it’s hard to say if this will be a good year for the Eagles. McNabb is said to be back in the line-up perhaps even in the next preseason game, and if he recovers well, Philadelphia may have a good chance at a postseason run this year. Time will only tell, but don’t be surprised if today the Eagles get roughed up by the Ravens. I’m shuddering at the idea of a Ray Lewis who states he’s in the best shape of his life, and I’m banking on seeing the Baltimore Ravens at the top of their division this year as they should be in a heated battle with Cincinnati and Pittsburgh in a tough AFC North Division.

I must admit that I’ve grown a little nervous over the relative ease to which the Seattle Seahawks have acquired the top seat in the NFC West in the past few years. However, this year I’m starting to think that this division is starting to pull it’s teams together, and making a challenge this year. The Arizona Cardinals have been rebuilding for a few years now. The St. Louis Rams are starting to get their old form back and have a solid offensive punch that they have been honing to impressive effect. San Francisco is a wild card team as of now, as I for one have liked the personnel changes made, as the young players picked up, for example Alex Smith. I certainly hope that all this prediction is true, even if it means more of a struggle for my home town team. It’s been too long hearing jokes about the NFC West, and NFC altogether, and it’s high time that something be done about that.

Monday night is made for football. One of my all time favorite thing to know during the football season is that Monday after work will mean football at home for the next few months. I can’t wait until the season starts, and also for something to look forward to on Monday Nights (even though we have Thursday night football too now!). Enjoy a new week of online sports betting at our best online sportsbooks and casinos on the internet. Hope your week goes by and hope that you have the best of luck betting on sports this week!

Aaron G.