Sportsbook betting on Major League baseball

These days, it’s rare for someone to head to an online sportsbook, place a few bets, and expect to win every wager placed. Especially after placing 4 separate wagers in one afternoon, I certainly didn’t figure that I would be ending Wednesday night going 4-4 at, after placing a flurry of small bets there earlier in the day. It’s exciting getting to win some money on our featured online sports betting sites here at, but it’s almost to the point of being boastful when all bets come back winners. Maybe it shows how much of an amateur gambler I truly am, however that certainly doesn’t bother me after I’ve collected a nice little chunk of change betting on sports. Also, the fact that it’s been a few days since I’ve done more than break even at any of our best online sportsbooks has me excited to place more wagers tomorrow, even though today is not even all the way done.

For betting on Wednesday, the big gamble that paid off was a parlay wager with Baltimore and Cinncinati winning their respective games. Added to the bet was the L.A. Dodgers beating the Houston Astros 6-3 at home, with the Dodgers very much in need of wins right now. Just seeing the Yankees get beat by a sub-par Orioles team, as well as the Reds get a win against the Cubs at home had this writer feeling invincible. Joel Piniero won another game for the St. Louis Cards (had to give him another bet after he clutched up for me last start), and Oakland beat the Chicago White Sox, each earning me more money in my account. Lastly, Cleveland clutched up, defeating their division rivals the Detroit Tigers 5-2 at home. Cleveland and Detroit are now in a dead tie for the AL West, and the sprint to the postseason will be very exciting, especially if you happen to be a fan of either of these two teams.

It happened to be a fortunate night for my online sports betting, and hopefully you fared just as well tonight at our best online sportsbooks here at You can feel the excitement brewing for betting on sports as both the MLB playoffs are just around the corner, as well as the start of football season. Start getting your football know-how together using all the great sports betting advice,  and statistical information offered on our featured websites. There is plenty of money to be made this fall, so start early on figuring out who will be tops this year in the NFL and NCAA football leagues.

Aaron G.