Sportsbook betting for a much needed Friday

Normally, a work week comes and goes with relative ease, but sometimes those weeks seem to take forever especially when you decide to work 6 days a week for months on end! So this week, in order to celebrate a full weekend of freedom, I’m placing my wagers early, so that I get a free Friday night to do whatever comes my way, and take a little break from sports in exchange for a night out. Although taking a little break from sports is usually a necessary thing when betting on sports as many days out of the week as I do, I will say that I will miss checking out the Boston Red Sox vs. Los Angeles Angels series that starts with a doubleheader today. This should be a great weekend series, as two of the top teams in the American League will go head to head in four games over the next three days. While I can’t make a prediction who will come out on top, I’m certainly hoping that Boston comes out on top, as my Mariners need some help in the AL West if they are to get ahead.

For another treat for sports fans and sports betting today, the NFL preseason continues to remind us that the start of the regular season, and indeed College Football is very close to getting underway. A Michael Vick-less Atlanta Falcons plays tonight against the Buffalo Bills, and I’m sure many people are wondering what the fate of that Falcons team will succumb to this year. I’m not sure that QB Joey Harrington can get up to the task of helping Atlanta to a playoff appearance, but what I will say is that he will have a much easier time trying to do so now that he is out of Detroit. I haven’t had a chance to see Minnesota this year yet however I’ve liked what the Vikings have done in the off-season, and have high expectations for them this year, after the series of disappointing years previously. They face the Jets tonight from the Meadowlands, and although I’m taking time off from sports today, this might be a good match-up to check out if you’ve got the time. Also, Vince Young and the Titans will play the Patriots tonight, which is sure to have plenty of exciting hints at these two teams’ offensive threats.

With this weekend finally here, I hope that you are able to get in some spare time, and head to our best online sports betting sites, and have a little more fun while hopefully turning a profit betting on sports. As the NFL season approaches and the MLB season makes way towards the playoffs, you can bet on plenty of great sports betting opportunities to take advantage of. Check out our online sportsbook reviews, then scope out the best online sportsbook and casino to suit your wagering needs. Enjoy the weekend; make some money and as always, thanks for stopping by our website.

Aaron G.