Sunday’s sportsbook betting and sports updates

It was a pretty busy day for the NFL preseason, and today’s online sport betting certainly doesn’t have the amount of potential wagers, however there are plenty more great opportunities to make a profit betting on sports. Tonight’s lone NFL preseason game is a strange change of pace from a normally filled day of football, however the action in the MLB should be enough to keep sports betting fans busy throughout the afternoon. I’ve decided to place a wager on the Baltimore Ravens vs. the New York Giants, and you can bet that I’ll have to take the Ravens again. Going somewhat against my word, preseason NFL wagering, while not a sure bet by any means, is certainly a nice change from betting on baseball everyday of the week. That being said, there is still always a good time to be had betting in our top sportsbooks for Major League Baseball, and a few good games are in store for sports fans today.

Currently, I’m engaged in the Boston vs. the L.A. Angels this afternoon from Fenway Field in Boston. It’s been tough to stop this Angel team in the second half of the season, as a mid season shake up has definitely had this team looking a long way into the postseason. Being a Mariners fan, I’ve been forced to realize that the Angels have a superior team (as they do lead the entire majors in wins) and a wild card position for my home team may be all that I can hope for. Today’s game is into the 8th inning, with the Angels leading 3-0 on brilliant pitching from Angel Scott Shields. These are two of the best teams playing today, so hopefully you are relaxing like myself and enjoying this ball game this afternoon. The Red Sox just got on the board, as perhaps Mike Scoscia has left his starter in a little too long. It’s now a 3-1 ballgame, and with money on the Red Sox, I’m hoping for jumpstart here in the 8th!

The Yankees grabbed another win today against the Tigers, which could very get them another game closer to the AL East lead, as the BoSox have just one inning left to score two runs against a very good Angels’ bullpen. A great game to watch this night pits the Chicago Cubs against the St. Louis Cardinals. The NL Central is going to be a tough division down the stretch, and the Cardinals could certainly use a win for that race tonight. With Carlos Zambrano on the mound though, I’m inclined to take the Cubbies in this one as they are at home with a superior pitcher. Great games as always await those looking for online sports betting, so take your chances today and get into the action on our best online sportsbooks here at

Aaron G.