Monday Night Football, more online sports betting

Honestly, I just like saying it; Monday Night Football. It sounds good coming off the tongue, and reminds me of relaxing times after work, shutting out everything else there was around while the game was on. This may only be preseason, but tonight I’m taking the Chicago vs. Indy game seriously, as there is a lot of animosity between these two teams, if only the kind that is raised out of a dispute over a Championship trophy and all-time bragging rights. I myself couldn’t resist heading to one of our top sportsbooks and dropping a dime on the game, and as this being preseason and only one team looking for redemption, I had to take the Chicago Bears to overcome Indianapolis. The Colts have no reason really to worry about another loss, seeing as they don’t have anything but them, and a funny little fact was produced in front of me this evening; the last 5-6 Super Bowl Champions had losing preseason records. It is proven it matters very little how well you do before season starts, and online sports book betting has been good by merely taking a good team to lose against a team with something to prove.

For tonight’s Major League baseball betting, it’s off to, which features one of the best online sportsbook and casino on the internet. I’ve been a long time customer, and many time wagering winner, and I’m certainly hoping for a bit of that good luck tonight with so many good match-ups going. I’m a sucker for a good challenge in a wager, and that may be why I come in just over even in most of my online sportsbook accounts. For instance, tonight between the Minnesota Twins, is almost a pure gut call, as Minnesota always plays Seattle well, and Seattle is at the same time on a pretty good roll. I’ll take the Mariners in this because I’m a fan (which has gotten me into trouble a few time), and because I will get to watch the game a little later on in the evening. I love MLB Extra Innings. Living in the same town as your home team’s division rivals is a difficult experience for a fan. Like when you get peanuts thrown at you for wearing a Mariners hat to an Angels game´┐Ż.

Speaking of trouble, my second online sports bet has already gotten me into some before the night really gets started. The Milwaukee Brewers decided to get all over Arizona in a hurry, and put up a pair of 3 spots in the second and third innings, and at the same time putting my online sports betting chances for this evening at a very low point. Oh well, you win some and you lose some, but in the end it’s all a good time betting on sports. Check out the Yankees Angels this week if you have a chance, as that will be a very exciting series, and also don’t miss out on some scouting during the NFL Football preseason this week!

Aaron G.