A great day for NFL football and Major League baseball …

Happy Thursday to everyone and I must say what a great Thursday it is for online sports betting. This evening’s preseason games in the NFL having just been completed, I’m happy to report that betting on football in indeed possibly a profitable venture! Having just seen the New Orleans vs. Kansas City game, and watching the Saints mow threw the Chiefs with ease, my online sportsbook wager placed at Sportsbetting.com turned into a small little plus to my account right before the weekend starts. As stated before, I don’t necessarily condone preseason sportsbook wagering of any kind, but I must be honest and say that is has been a little bit fun wagering this year. I’ve never personally done it before, and it’s most certainly enjoyable trying to pick the correct team at this point in the year. Taking a gamble tonight, Drew Brees and his potent offense let lose in the second quarter to score enough points to win without the other 17 in the fourth. I’m not sure if it’s too early too call, but I’m guessing that Kansas City may have a bit of a rough year in the AFC West

Moving on to baseball this evening, the online sports betting for the night was to take Seattle to win and the L.A. Angels to lose, hoping desperately that Seattle’s current winning spree continues when the Angels’ does not. It seems that every time the Mariners pull within a few games of the AL West division leading Angels, they kick on a hot streak and pull away again. However, this evening as the Twins have won as well as the Dodgers and M’s, I’m sitting anxiously typing while watching the Angels with their backs to the wall at home for what seems to be a very rare occasion. Low and behold, the Angels score another run on a Vlad Guererro solo shot to center. It’s now a 5-4 score in the bottom of the 8th, and its crunch time for me tonight! I certainly hope that you’re enoying some of the action in store for this evening, because with under 40 games left, betting on sports is getting more and more exciting everyday towards the playoffs!

It’s going to be a great month of online sportsbook betting here at CasinoReview.org, and I can happily say that I’m relieved to see just a few new sports betting opportunities available. Major League Baseball provides the sports betting enthusiast a chance to place you wagers on proven teams, match-ups, pitchers and hitters, and it has been a great source of knowledge to play on a consistent basis, and try to improve my own online sports betting skills. I may not have too much of them, but I’m breaking just even, and having a great time being an engaged sports fan. Enjoy your Friday, get a few bets placed for the NFL preseason games tomorrow, if you’re feeling saucy; and thank you as always for coming to CasinoReview.org to check out the best online sportsbooks and casinos offered on the internet.

Aaron G.