Friday night is for Football!

Well, apparently as people a little less lame than myself might freely disclose, Friday nights should be for other things like going out, partying, etc. Not for me my friends! This Friday night, after a long and tedious work week, will be for throwing the ol’ feet up on the table, heading to one of my favorite online sports betting sites, and dropping a few wagers before the games begin. And yes, if you were wondering, I am leaving work early to do this. The Tennessee vs. Buffalo game gets underway earliest at 7:00 PM ET, and after that both the New England vs. Carolina and the St. Louis vs. Oakland games will be soon to follow. I don’t care that it’s preseason; today I only care that it is football, and that I don’t have to go to work tomorrow. I’ve got money riding on the Carolina Panthers tonight, as I’m sticking to my best-teams-have-the-worst-preseason record scenario. It’s certainly paid off thus far between betting against New England and Indianapolis, however I nervously await to see whether or not my luck holds out for another night of online sportsbook betting on the NFL preseason.

In the one day game for Major League Baseball this afternoon, the Boston Red Sox have opened up a can on the Chicago White Sox, beating them handily 11-3 while Josh Beckett becomes the first in the majors to amass 16 wins. With him getting most likely six or seven more starts before the end of the year, Beckett may very well make his first twenty game winning year, and help the Red Sox cause to put down the New York Yankees who have been nipping at their heels in the last few months. The second game of the BoSox v. White Sox double header is coming around in about an hour’s time, and I’m actually going to have to take Chicago in this one, as Curt Schilling is a little off to me at present. Going to for the online sports wager, I hope that my insight is staying up for the Major Leagues, especially as I become more and more distracted at the quickly coming NFL regular season.

Toronto and the L.A. Angels have a game worth betting on tonight, especially as Roy Halladay looks to try and break one of the most powerful home team ball clubs in the league. I’ve got money riding on pitching tonight, as I’m hoping my online sportsbook bet on the Blue Jays won’t go down as so many have when betting against the Angels at home.  The Seattle Mariners could very well tie for first place in the A.L West tonight with a win against the Texas Rangers, and a loss for the Angels. In the Wild Card race, Seattle maintains a slight lead on the New York Yankees, who hook up with Detroit tonight in what will be a very highly contested series as far as the Wild Card is concerned. All around there is more and more great online sportsbook betting opportunities, and this will be a great weekend for that. Enjoy your time off, and thanks again for choosing the best online sportsbooks and casinos through our site at

Aaron G.