Sunday Night Football, more great sports betting on Baseball

Although the stakes are different for the regular season, and perhaps not all the stars are out in full force during the preseason, nonetheless this time of year is an exciting precursor to the thrills of the regular NFL season, and every game is just as good a chance to make some money betting on sports at our best online sportsbooks here at For a quiet Sunday night, there is a classic match-up between two Pennsylvania teams; the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Philadelphia Eagles square off in Pittsburgh tonight and no matter what anyone says about preseason games, there is always something at stake when two teams of this caliber get together. I’ve got to go with Pittsburgh in this game, as it seems as though Ben Rothlisberger needs to help convince his home team crowd that he is indeed the same Quarterback that led his team to a Superbowl Championship. Pittsburgh is looking good in the preseason, even with their star linebacker Joey Porter out of the picture, and will definitely be a good team to take all the way into the playoffs.

For Major League Baseball today, there are plenty more great online sports betting opportunities to be had, and great match-ups to watch. Sunday afternoon is a fantastic time to head down to one of our best online sportsbooks and drop a few wagers before sitting back and enjoying the last evening of freedom before the work week starts back up. I’m certainly interested in the New York Yankees vs. the Detroit Tigers game, which has heavy consequences for my favorite team, the Seattle Mariners. All three teams are battling for a prize fourth playoff seed with the Wild Card birth, and at this point there is no telling who will come out on top. Good games to do a little betting on include the St. Louis Cardinals against the Atlanta Braves, and the Los Angeles Dodgers vs. the New York Mets. St. Louis have been storming back in the second half of the year, and with their current hot streak, they’ve got to be favorites in today’s game. Also, for the Los Angeles Dodgers, David Wells is back in action, and I for one can’t resist betting on the big guy in his match-up against the Mets and John Maine. This should be a great pitching duel, and I will be tuning into this game today as well.

It’s been a great weekend of sports and the possibility of the upcoming week filled with more NFL action, the NCAA College Football season starting, and the stride towards the MLB postseason will undoubtedly make online sports betting all the more exciting. Check out our online sportsbook reviews here at, and choose the right sports betting website for your online sportsbook wagering. Enjoy the rest of the evening, and as always good luck in all your bets. Thank you for choosing our website for your choice of the best online sports betting sites anywhere.

Aaron G.