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As is the case every weekend, it must come to an end at some point in time. With Mondays usually being the longest day of the week, it’s always nice to have plenty of sports betting action available, and a couple of Major League Baseball games to watch when work is finally over. For this Monday, it happened to be a great day for this writer, as a few placed wagers at the number one online sportsbook at (read the review of BetUS) came through with flying colors. On the tail end of one four team parlay wager sat the Houston Astros, who are in a series this week with the Chicago Cubs. Thinking that Houston would be able to clip Ryan Dempster in this one may have been a wild idea, but every-so often you have to get lucky to win! With the Astros winning 2-0 in a rainy-day game, and the Angels, Giants and Mariners all clutching up for me, today was a great pay day, at a time when some much needed luck came around at just the right moment.

There are a number of great potential divisional races going on right now, and there is really no better time to get into Major League Baseball action than at the present. Breaking down the action around the league, Tampa Bay and Boston have synched up and are playing great baseball in the AL East, meanwhile the Yankees failed once again to gain ground as they lost to Texas Monday night. With Toronto winning against Oakland, and not dropping games as before, it may yet be too early to call the eventual winner in the AL East, or the Wild Card spot, which now looks to be quite a run-off in the AL. One thing is for sure is that the race for the AL wild card will get awfully crazy come closer to October, as there is no telling who will be on top of their respective divisions by then.

It is just about the same in the National League at this point, as teams like the Cubs and the Phillies are now starting to challenge division leads that have been in place since the start of the year. Out in the NL West, it’s looking like a showdown between the Diamondbacks and the Dodgers now, as the other three teams in the league just don’t have what it takes this year. Check out all the teams making a move this week, and capitalize on some streaking teams to payout when betting on sports. You can always find a large helping of Major League Baseball games to wager on in our featured online sportsbooks here at

Aaron G.