takes center stage for Tuesday’s …

As Tuesday rolls around, I have to admit I’m feeling a little lucky. With some good outcomes in a few previous bets placed, and some great action in store each and everyday at the best online sportsbooks featured here on our site, it’s back to business once again today with more great MLB baseball action. With the constant action offered on our best online sportsbooks here at, there is always something to look forward to either before or after work. With records being broken (or tied), and the air giving a hint that college and NFL football is just right around the corner, it is definitely a good time to be a sports fan and a great time to be betting on sports.

While I had managed to be a very lucky sports bettor yesterday, I’m taking just about the opposite tact from yesterday, and going with some favored-to-win teams in today’s match-ups. That means it’s a return to betting on the Yanks, with Andy Pettitte on the hill, as well as the BoSox, White Sox and Mets in the first parlay bet of the day. In sports betting action for Tuesday, it’s all about (read the review of, which has been one of my favorite places for betting on sports throughout the last two years of playing online. Further great wagers in the National League are in store today (including taking the Cubs to get even for the rare Ryan Dempster loss yesterday), with all the top teams in their respective divisions in action today.

There are plenty of great games, and great online sports betting opportunities to be had on Major League Baseball this week. Check out the many match-ups, as well as the up and coming football seasons, which have started to see a lot of press. Our best online sportsbooks will be the place to be from now until the end of the year, so if you haven’t been betting on sports too much this summer, now is the time to get into the swing of things in preparation for football season and MLB post season action. Fall is creeping up on us, so head on down to our of our online sports betting sites, and get your chops up for a great sports betting second half of the year.

Aaron G.