Sports betting at on Friday night

As an avid online sports bettor, I’d really rather spend my night (hopefully!) making a bit of extra cash on our best online sportsbook websites offered here at, than drink myself to sleep after a blowing hundreds a night here in LA. Fortunately for me, tired like an’ old dog, I have some great sports action ahead with Preseason NFL games tonight to keep me entertained while having an easy night at home. Our site offers sports fans some of the best online sportsbooks on the internet, no matter where you turn to place your wagers you really can’t go wrong on our site. So for Friday, I’ve picked (read the review of PlayersOnly) for my online wagering, as it offers some of the largest array of sports betting types, as well as a healthy dose of sports betting advice, and up-to-date statistics for betting purposes. As per usual, the game of choice for my online sports betting is centered firmly on Major League Baseball, and there are a number of interesting match-ups slated for Friday’s day and night games; But NFL is what I want to see, since the Seattle Seahawks are in action, and I can’t wait to see their new additions!.

First off for betting, I just can’t resist throwing something at my ‘Hawks, if only for future good luck. Second, the Preseason is a great time to check out some of the up and coming players look like, and who’s playing on which new team (ie Brett Favre). However for the real online sports, it’s always about MLB ball, and ever since passing the 100 game mark of the year, online sporstbook betting on Major League Baseball has become all the more exciting, offering fans even easier chances to win as teams in the hunt for the playoffs start to distance themselves from the stragglers. Great games today include the Marlins and Phillies, the Dodgers and Cardinals, and the Yanks vs. the Rangers. Mike Mussina goes for number 15 today, and with bets placed for almost every game taking place (gotta love the parlay), I’m ready to kick back for a great day of sports action, and getting totally excite for NFL action later on.

For my sportsbook betting today, all that’s left is the waiting game as my sportsbook bets have been placed, and the afternoon’s games are just about to begin. Check out one of our best online sportsbooks at, which provides online gamblers with tons of great sports wagering opportunities, and plenty of casino games to choose from. Certainly join me in some great wagering chances on everything from Football to the Olypics! Until tomorrow, have a great night, and good luck playing in our top sportsbooks here at

Aaron G.