NFL Preseason gets underway, more great MLB baseball for …

It’s needless to say that the start of a new sports season is cause for a celebration of sorts. With the NFL preseason arriving in a hurry this Sunday, I was nearly overwhelmed at the idea that the first games of the National Football league season were within a month away! Now don’t get me wrong. I love keeping close tabs on Major League Baseball, and as luck would have it the MLB season overall has been fairly good to me, but knowing that the NFL season is just around the corner makes the prospect of betting on sports in our featured online sports betting sites that much more exciting. While not being a proponent of wagering on preseason games, it is fun to see new talent, new offenses or even new coaching staffs display their assets and potential weaknesses. All this will undoubtedly come in handy when betting at our top sportsbooks either now, or at the start of the NFL season when the Pittsburgh Steelers take on the Tennessee Titans almost exactly 1 month from today (September 10th). That date, is written on my calendar my friends, because that is a game that may not want to be missed!

I can’t keep restating how exciting the prospect of new online sports betting choices there are to choose from. From the constant Major League Baseball action, to golf, to car racing, to preseason football, sports is finally back in the spot light, and my betting on sports just keeps getting more and more exciting with each day! For Sunday, however, it’s a wager on the one NFL preseason game and the usual tons of MLB baseball to choose from. With a tip to one of our newest additions to the best online sportsbooks found on the internet, I’m off to Diamond Sportsbook (<a href=””>read the review of Diamond Sportsbook</a>), which has already caught my attention as a solid, dependable sportsbook for any sports fan to take out wagers on.

I’m throwing five bucks on the Steelers to beat the Titans at the Diamond Sportsbook today, and also taking a few games featuring some great pitching, and good match-ups for potential wagering wins. I like the Marlins with Josh Johnson on the hill against Jamie Moyer and the Phillies, and I’ll happily throw down for Roy Halladay to win against the Orioles this afternoon. I’ll take Boston to avoid the Yankee sweep in the final game of their series, and also Johan Santana up for the Mets against the cellar-dwelling San Diego Padres. There’s plenty of time for more online sports betting today, as Major League Baseball continues to chug along, and three other NFL games are scheduled for later on this week. Head on over to one of our best online sportsbooks featured on our site, even if you don’t follow my foolish lead and bet on preseason football´┐Żuntil tomorrow, thanks for stopping by and good luck with your wagers!

Aaron G.