Major League Sports betting, more exciting NFL preseason …

I must admit that I’m a total sucker for the NFL preseason. After months of online sports betting featuring mostly Major League baseball, just the hint of football, both professional and collegiate, has me all kinds of excited to get the ball rolling with great games and great online sportsbook betting action! For this week, fans will be treated Thursday evening to 4 great NFL preseason games, and while I can’t really condone taking out wagers for the preseason, I’m going to have to sneak down to one of our best online sportsbooks, and do a little parlay wagering action, just for kicks. With a trip to (<a href=””>read the review of</a>), I’m done with my first parlay wager of the new football season, and now it’s just a bit of a wait before the next round of games get under way on Thursday!

For tonight’s Major League baseball betting, it’s off to (<a href=””>read the review of BetUS</a>), which features one of the best online sportsbook and casino on the internet. I’ve been a long time customer, and many time wagering winner, and I’m certainly hoping for a bit of that good luck tonight with so many good match-ups going. I’m a sucker for a good challenge in a wager, and that may be why I come in just over even in most of my online sportsbook accounts. It’s a few parlay bets, one over on total points for the Cubs v. Rockies at Mile High stadium, and a straight up win for the Detroit Tigers on the road, and I’m ready for kicking back with the late games on TV later on this evening after work.

For online sports betting and sports in general, right now is one of the finest times to check out our best online sportsbooks and casinos offered here at shares a top sportsbook ranking amongst a small handful of great websites here, and today’s sports betting action hasn’t been this good since the NBA finals ended. Hoping your week has gotten off to a great start, good luck in your sports betting, and thanks once again for stopping by!

Aaron G.