Monday Night Football, online sports betting at …

While this may only be preseason, I still just can’t quite get enough football, and tonight’s Monday Night Football action should make for a good look at two of the better teams in the league coming into the season. Tonight, I’m taking the New York Giants vs. the Jacksonville Jaguars game as a serious option for online sports betting, as I fully expect that neither team will want to lose the opening game of the season, on the first Monday Night game of the year. I myself couldn’t resist heading to one of our top sportsbooks and dropping a dime on the game at (<a href=””>read the review of Players Only</a>). Not totally sure what to expect, I’m hoping for big offense on both sides of the football, and a close game either which way, with two pretty well balanced teams competing tonight.

For tonight’s Major League baseball betting, it’s off once again to (<a href=””>read the review of BetUS</a>), which features one of the best online sportsbook and casinos on the internet. I’ve been a long time customer, and many time wagering winner, and I’m certainly hoping for a bit of that good luck tonight with so many good match-ups going. To get some bets going, the Rangers look like a pretty good potential win against the visiting Twins, Cris Carpenter could be a good choice for a win as the Cardinals visit the Dodgers, and the Angels look to beat out the Orioles in Baltimore. I’ll take a three team parlay with those options, and also a couple of wagers on total points to round out the betting before the games start.

There is great sports action all-around today, and every day at our best online sportsbooks and you can be sure to find great action in every league, on every one of our top sportsbooks featured here at With great action in Major League as the home stretch to the playoffs looms ever closer, and with the NFL season coming ever-so-close, try your luck betting on sports today, a get a feel for what will certainly be an exciting rest of the year in the sports world. Good luck with any and all of your online sports betting this week, and thanks for dropping by!

Aaron G.