Friday night sportsbook betting for College Football, MLB …

Friday is another day and yet another great opportunity to get down to business on one of our best online sportsbooks reviewed for a night of great online wagering action. With the NFL season now within about two weeks from starting, College Football starting on September 3rd, and with Major League Baseball streaking toward the post-season, what better way to spend a little bit of time and money than by trying to cash in on some Friday night sportsbook betting? With that in mind for this evening its back to one of the staples of online sportsbook betting here at at the featured site (<a href=””>read the review of</a>). With two NFL preseason games taking place today as part of the final flurry of games before the regular season starts, I for one can’t resist throwing a little money on these games and sitting back with the delighted notion that I don’t have to be at work tomorrow!

For sports betting today, the two NFL football games give a good look into a few potentially very good teams, as the New England Patriots, who match-up against the Washington Redskins, and the Green Bay Packers vs. the Arizona Cardinals. These two contests will be a tough choice for any sports bettor to choose a winner on especially in the preseason, but it’s not a bad idea to root for some decent bets on point totals, given the potency of at least 3 of the 4 teams’ offenses. Since the preseason only really matters for testing out strengths and weaknesses with little more at stake than saving a bit of face, it has seemed that home teams want to give their fans a little something extra and generally have come out on top. However for today’s match-ups, I for one would love to see some heavy scoring in the Arizona v. Green Bay game, and for the Redskins to keep it close in a loss to the Patriots. Either way, a great set of games, and great wagering action on preseason football is available for betting on sports at today!

For baseball action tonight, there are some tough picks to be made, so I’ll stick to a few easier calls en masse. Philly hosts the Atlanta Braves this evening as Tommy Hanson and Jamie Moyer will make for a great veteran v. youngster duel worth watching. I have to take King Felix Hernandez with another victory in the Mariners v. Royals game, as well as the Giants ala Tim Lincecum over the Colorado Rockies. With a weekend full of sports betting action like this, it’s a good time to get down to one of your favorite online sports betting sites, and get your wagers placed. Have a great weekend, and thanks as always for using the featured online sportsbooks and casinos for your online betting excitement!

Aaron G.