Friday’s online sportsbook betting at

It’s a pretty busy day for Major League Baseball action once again on this very fine and most welcome of Fridays, and today’s online sport betting certainly has a great amount of potential wagers to be had, even if betting on sports for baseball carries some tricky wagering propositions. However there are plenty more great opportunities to make a profit betting on sports, so without any further wait, let’s break into the action today! Along with MLB baseball, sports betting fans are treated to the opening game of the 2009-10 NFL football season this Sunday, as the Cincinnati Bengals square off in the first game of the preseason schedule against the Dallas Cowboys. Going somewhat against my word, and while not a sure bet by any means, is certainly a nice change from betting on baseball each and everyday of the week. That being said, there is still always a good time to be had betting in our top sportsbooks for Major League Baseball, and a few good games are in store for sports fans today!

Currently though, the big series starting over the weekend happens to be between two of the most storied franchises; The New York Yankees and the Boston Red Sox, who square off a little later today from New Yankee Stadium. It’s been tough to stop this Yankee team in the confines of their own home, especially so many great players, and a few superstars in the mix on the pitching and hitting sides respectively, however with Javier Vasquez’s performance dwindling month after month, we’re backing the mighty Clay Buchholz in the first game of this series. In further action today, look for Bronson Arroyo and the first place Cincinnati Reds to prevail against the struggling Chicago Cubs as well, and hopefully that will secure my opening wager for today at one of the top sportsbooks at (read the review of Superbook). Certainly not to be overlooked are the match-ups between the Cardinals and Marlins (with Adam Wainwright looking for win #16 against Ricky Nolasco, a worthy opponent), the Giants and Braves (Barry Zito vs. Tommy Hanson) and the Rangers vs. Athletics (with Cliff Lee still looking for his first road win for the new club).

Great games as always await those looking for online sports betting, so take your chances today and get into the action on our best online sportsbooks here at Today, you can be sure find some great online sports betting at any of the top sportsbooks featured right here, as 15 MLB games should be more than enough to whet your sportsbook betting whistle. Enjoy the weekend, the upcoming NFL preseason games, and good luck in any and all online sportsbook betting today!

Aaron G.