More NFL preseason games, more Major League baseball …

While it’s only the preseason, and NFL Football is really still a couple of weeks away before the start of regular season play, seeing a couple NFL games available for wagering on brings a spot of joy to just about any Football fan, or anyone in general that enjoys a bit of diversity from the neverending flow of Major League Baseball wagering options at the top online sportsbooks. After getting very lucky for NFL wagers on last nights’ games (especially as Oakland pulled off a dramatic victory, scoring all 17 of their points in the final 5 minutes), it’s back to betting on sports for NFL presason, as two more games between the Jacksonville Jaguars and Philadelphia Phillies as well as the Buffalo Bills vs. the Washington Redskins are on tap at any one of the best online sportsbooks reviewed here. I’m taking a full-on preseason assault on the betting options for today, in a Donovan McNabb-inspired day of wagers. The first game of the post-McNabb era begins for Kevin Colb and the Eagles, and the Redskins try their hand with their new veteran QB, who without a doubt will provide a needed boost in offense for the once anemic Washington passing game. We’re going with home teams in tonight’s match-ups, at the sportsbook (read the review of BetUS), which features all the great NFL action to come, as well as any and all Major League Baseball wagers in store.

Speaking of Major League Baseball action, there are plenty of great wagering choices to look into, as the season heats up with teams battling for divisional leads and Wild Card spots for the quickly upcoming playoffs. It’s been an interesting and exciting time for the Baltimore Orioles, under their new manager Buck Showalter, who have gone 8-2 since the new skipper came on board. While out of the playoff picture for good this year, betting on this hot young team with nothing to lose is an exciting gamble at today, which happens to be in my opinion one of the very best online sportsbooks we’ve reviewed and played on at Against a tough team in Tampa Bay, Showalter’s new club faces a big challenge, but we’ll go out on a limb for fun and take the O’s to win on the road. In other exciting games to check out in sportsbook betting today, look for the Boston vs. Rangers match-up, Philadelphia vs. the New York Mets, the L.A. Dodgers try to stop the juggernaut that is Tim Hudson and his Braves, and the San Diego Padres taking on divisional foes the San Fransicso Giants.

However you choose to wager today, make sure that you get in at one of the top sportsbooks reviewed here for your fill of bets on NFL Preseason and Major League Baseball games ahead. Whether you want to try your hand at the more volatile wagering on the NFL preseason, or whether you play it safe betting on the stronger teams in Major League baseball, all your betting can be done using the best online sportsbooks here at, which are guaranteed to give you all the best wagering options, easy deposits and prompt payouts, and outstanding customer service. Place your bets, enjoy the upcoming weekend and sports events ahead, and as always we at wish you all the luck when betting on sports today!

Aaron G.