Closing out the weekend with online sportsbook bets on …

After a slight hiatus on Saturday, NFL preseason action returns tonight with some great sports action for online sports betting, as we just can’t get away from any opportunity to start in the wagering on one of the most exciting sports seasons around. Again finding ourselves going somewhat against reserved betting on sports for preseason NFL games, and while not a sure bet by any means, is certainly a nice change from betting on baseball every day of the week, so while keeping the dollar amount in check, definitely make sure to try your hand at some preseason wagers at one of the top online sports betting sites available right here. If that doesn’t appeal to you, there’s always the constant supply of Major League Baseball, as well as the kick-off of Premier League action between Liverpool and Arsenal, which is bound to turn heads at least on the European side of things. Today we’re featuring one of the best online sports betting sites at the Players Only sportsbook (read the review of, so join us, or join up, grab your bonus for first deposits, and find out why this website is an exciting and easy place to wager any day of the week!

For Major League Baseball today, we’re still riding the rookie Jeremy Hellickson for the Tampa Bay Rays, who has not been figured out, and is facing Baltimore looking for his 3rd straight win to start his career. Kevin Slowey at home for the Twins against the Oakland A’s looks to be a good bet, and we’ve always been fond of C.J. Wilson this year, as the Texas Rangers once again face the Boston Red Sox in a great pitching duel also featuring Dice-K Matsuzaka. Ricky Romero and Dan Haren also battle in Anaheim as the Angels host the Blue Jays, rounding out a great set of wagering choices for the American League. Not to be outdone, the National League features continuing series between the San Diego Padres and San Francisco Giants, the LA Dodgers vs. Atlanta Braves, Florida vs. Cincinnati, and the Phillies vs. Mets. You can’t go wrong looking into wagers on any of these games at the Players Only top sportsbook, so check out all this great action and hopefully come out a winner tonight!

With numerous other games for online sportsbook betting today, there will be no shortage of action for you to look into, and hopefully make some money off our in one of the top sportsbooks reviewed here on our site. Remember to get a look early at the Premier League opener today, check out the NFL match-ups as Denver takes on Cincinnati and Indianapolis hosts San Francisco, and catch a glimpse of the final round of the PGA Championship from the beautiful and treacherous Whistling Straights to finish off a fine day of sports. Great games as always await those looking for online sports betting, so take your chances today and get into the action on any one of our best online sportsbooks reviewed here at!

Aaron G.