August wraps up with sportsbook wagers on NFL, NCAA …

It’s just two days away before the start of the 2010 NCAA College Football, and as both the NCAA and NFL will be in full tilt on Thursday, today’s not a bad place to start considering some wagers for the upcoming games, by diving in online at any one of the best online sports betting sites reviewed here, and reading up on all the trends, stats, and player information that will help provide a proper gauge for the bets worth placing in the coming day. For our online sports betting adventure today, we honor Sportsbook (read the review of Superbook) as one of the tried and true top sportsbooks reviewed on our website. For starters today, look to the action in Major League Baseball to always be the anchor leg for any days’ betting on sports, with some interesting match-ups to wager on. For starters, check out some solid pitching match-ups, namely as the Tampa Bay Rays face the Toronto Blue Jays (Jeff Niemann vs. Ricky Romero), Detroit vs. Minnesota (Brian Duensing vs. Armando Gallaraga), and the L.A. Angels vs. Seattle Mariners (Felix Hernandez vs. Dan Haren).

In another great game for Tuesday night, the Los Angeles Dodgers once again square off against the Philadelphia Phillies, as Carlos Monasterios tries to go deeper into the ballgame for the L.A. Dodgers, and take some heat off their bullpen. On the flipside, Kyle Kendrick has struggled in his last two outings, and is also coming off a 6 run, 8 hit, 3 inning loss to the Dodgers on 8/10. However, the road has been good to Kendrick, and if the Phillies can get 6-7 solid innings from him, look for a Phillies win (which we’ll go with in today’s wagering). In another good NL match-up out West, check out Colorado vs. San Francisco, as both teams try to hang on for a Wild Card spot, or even a chance at the division still. At the top of the NL West lies the San Diego Padres, who pull an interesting match-up against cellar-dwelling Arizona, with Kevin Correia getting battered in his last two outings, and Ian Kennedy for the Dbacks having put together a strong August, even with a rough-and-tumble team. With great games to watch and wager on like these, get your sportsbook wagering on today at, and don’t miss any of the action ahead today!

Baseball is getting more and more exciting as the days creep toward October, and you can get in on all the sports betting action by hitting up our top sportsbooks here at Further, look to the first four games in NCAA College Football kicking off on Thursday as 4 nationally ranked squads should get off on the right foot with a round of wins. In addition, check out the full day of NFL slated for Thursday as well, as the last chance to check out the preseason line-ups and take some gutsy wagers will be done and gone before you know it! Count on the days ahead to offer some more great sportsbook betting chances at the online sportsbook, as well as any of the best online sportsbooks found at any of the other top sports betting websites reviewed right here. Good luck in betting today, and have a great week ahead!

Aaron G.