Wins, Wins and more Wins… (With one tiny, painful …



Sunday was indeed a high powered day for football, and a great day for online gambling!  I took my first bets, and I have found out that maybe I’m not such a bad gambler after all (though I probably shouldn’t say that too soon).  I will tell you that I’m already impressed with some of our featured sites we have here on  Again, the customer service is outstanding across the board, not to mention the immediate payouts to my account.  So for starters, my online gaming experience has been nothing but smiles. Not only did I hit my bets (even though my ‘Hawks suffered a horrible loss, they still cleared the spread I bet on) but I have a new stack which I plan to use to hit the online casinos offered at our featured sites.


Now I would like to inform you that I have also already profited from signup bonuses offered at a few sites.  On a deposit of $100.00 on, I was entitled to a 15% bonus up front, which is already going to good use for Monday Night Football.  Also, I received a more standard 10% bonus from, which also has come in handy so far. The bonuses offered on our featured online sports books, while taking a few bets to actually see returns on cashout value, are very good, especially for players who start out with an initial deposit of a buck or two. If you are given the opportunity, call one of these sites and find out all the applicable bonuses, promotion codes, etc. in order to maximize your gaming experience.  You never know when an extra 10, 15, or 20 dollars will come in handy, especially if you got that money for free!


Online gambling has already become a favorite hobby of mine this winter. Although I happen to reside in Los Angeles, California, were it is always warm outside, there is something also very warm and comforting about having quality sports match-ups on the tube and newly won money in your account.  I must also admit that until I have recently discovered the ease and enjoyment received from online gambling, I have paid little attention to other sports. That is until now.  My eyes have opened up, especially as NCAA basketball comes into full swing and I am already thinking about the great times that March Madness offers the online sports book gamer. Easy now.


So come next week, we will be seeing some action take place on the court, as well as on the field. Hope you all enjoy Monday Night Football this week as it may get a little wild on the turf in St. Louis, and remember no matter if your favorite team loses, you can still come out on top when you place the right bets at the right sportsbooks we have featured for you.







Aaron G.