Online Casinos are Awesome.

If you happened to check in with my previous write-up I described how I banked on the Bear’s great defense, and anemic offense that would combine to get me under the point spread. Yeah, not so good it turned out.  To my dismay (and to the loss of my 10 clams on, Chicago just about beat the spread on their own. I apparently drastically overestimated the quality of the St. Louis defense. I should have known better. Chicago just crushed my Seahawks 37-6 in week four. And the Rams can’t win a ball game to save their lives. Oh, well, what I have lost in bets, I have more than made up on the tables!


Last night I sat down and played a little Texas Hold ‘Em is the casino. Before long, 15 minutes turned into a few hours, and my stack doubled! If there is one thing that I learned last night, it is that patience pays off.  I did some reading just for fun (I could be called excessive with this at times) on any and all information provided by regarding betting tips and the types of games offered. and was pleasantly surprised when my first trip back to the online casino tables proved to be a profitable one. Just reading through everything offered on site made me think differently, and with a more focused strategy in mind. Now, if I can do this and make some cash, you have got to be able to! I, being the beginning/amateur player that I am, am confident that most any new players will be able to have success (and also the bonuses that come with playing for a short while) like I have had so far. Now, if I could just find that piece of wood to knock on?


So as of now, I have done a little research and applied for 4 of our featured online sportsbooks and casinos we have for you here at  I am happy to report that all 4 of these internet sportsbook and casino sites are 100% secure, offering prompt service, and excellent rewards programs for new and repeating players.  Also, just to let you know, the folks at are now offering a special for a 50% bonus on site for larger deposits.  Some of you may want to check that out now, as it could be extremely handy if you are a more active gambler. Once again, I highly recommend using the quality sites at,,, and I have been having so much fun just learning new ways to bet, new casinos to try and the knowledge gained from the material posted on these sites.


Tomorrow, we go calling at We’ll see how they stack up amongst some of our best internet sportsbooks and casinos we offer. I will be writing about some of the features offered on this website, as it is also one of our featured online gaming websites, and comes well recommended to me from a few people I know who have used their services before. Thanks again for reading, and hopefully you can use any and all information we have provided you on to further enhance your online sportsbook and casino experiences!





Aaron G.