Another Day, and Another New Sports Book to Try…

Hello one and all.


Today, as mentioned before in my previous article, I have signed up, and heavily researched one of our featured online sports book and casino websites. has turned out to be a very user friendly, and by reputation a very secure online sports book website. Publicly traded on the London Stock Exchange, is monitored 24/7 by Verisign, the Internet’s leading digital security company. The interactions you have with this site are encrypted, which is a breath of fresh air in a world of digital thievery. Just going over the features, gaming options, articles, etc. has enough information to leave you satisfied, if even a little overwhelmed. I have to admit though, that many of the articles posted to this site from contain entertaining and often valuable information.


I wanted to bring up something with the general public today. Does anyone else find it frustrating that the NFL has enlisted Thursday Night Football, yet only makes the game available for NFL Network subscribers? Now I know that this is a neat little ploy to get people to sign up for this channel, but c’mon. Football is a public sport, and if there is only one game on, put it on the ‘tube so all can see. Enough ranting.  I’m mostly just upset this week because my ‘Hawks are on and I can’t even see them normally as for some reason Los Angeles discourages play west coast match-ups on TV. Ridiculous.


That being said, I, being the diehard I am, I will probably find myself watching the game over the internet.  I will use my first betting opportunity on to place a bet on the spread. is offering over/under at 40.5 points, which in my mind is a steal. I am predicting that the Seattle offense, with its solid air attack and Shaun Alexander on the ground will put up their fair share of points, especially on home turf. On the other end, Alex Smith is growing up nicely, and Frank Gore in the backfield is a complete animal. They should rack up some points, especially considering the damage they did on the ground against the ‘Hawks last time around. I wouldn’t be surprised to see about 50-60 points put up here, especially if Seattle gets out of the gates the way they normally do at home.


So with that being said, checkout our featured sports book website It, along with the other featured online sports books and casinos on provide outstanding service, complete security, and fun and interactive content that will appeal to all levels of gambling enthusiasts. Make sure to check out both the sports book bonuses, and the casino bonuses at, as they are giving up to 100% matching on some larger deposits, as well as many more options to reap benefits from smaller deposits, amounts of games played, as well as the casino promotions on their site. Again, thanks for reading, checking out our featured sports books and casinos we have offered on, and happy betting!





Aaron G.