Hockey Lines, Oh Hockey Lines…

Hi once again folks. I have decided to bring hockey to the attention of the general public, as it appears that no one knows how great this hockey season is shaping up to be! I didn’t know this until I did some looking around, but there have even been a few sportsbook websites that have not even offered NHL lines to customers! However, recently it has taken a turn for the positive, reflected in the fact that now every one of our featured sportsbook websites now has NHL live lines. Currently, has even gone so far as to bring hockey into their advertising campaign stating, “Hockey is Back, Cooler than ever.” That’s right it is. Hockey in the U.S is one of the most underrated games offered to sports fans and gamblers alike.


I have gone through a few of our online sportsbooks and casino websites and come up with some awesome info that is available for any sport, and in my case hockey. For example, by just going to the sportsbook section of I was able to find a link under Team Stats, which listed almost every activity for specific teams, for a specific match-up on any given day. Find the link for Report under the specific sports league you want, and every aspect of the game’s potential outcome is there for you. Now being the relative newcomer I am to internet gambling, I once again took a look around at our sites, and realized that all the best online sportsbooks and casinos have a mountain of information available to go over before placing a bet. Not only do our featured sportsbooks have outstanding service, easily navigable websites, and great promotional offers, but they basically tell you every detail to make the most educated, well thought out bet.


So I have my hands full now. I have dispersed some bets across,, and has given me 20% in bonus money on my deposit, and I am ready to go for the Seahawks and 49ers tonight. furnished me with the most easily accessible fact guide to placing proper bets, so I have a three team parlay going on the NBA tonight with them, since there are just three teams playing tonight. has made me happy by promoting hockey, so tonight I have the Canucks beating the Flames with a straight money bet. Could you tell I’m from the Northwest?


So I leave with a parting note. Remember to do some careful research before placing your bets to find the best bet for your money. Now that may be just as much a reminder to me as an offering to you, but nonetheless research never hurt anyone and it is good advice. Enjoy the games tonight and again thanks for using to find out about all our information-packed featured sportsbook and casino websites!


Aaron G.