Thank you Friday, you are much better than Thursday.

I love Fridays. They are so nice to see after the Thursday night you’ve spent watching your home team getting trounced. I’ll reiterate again. I’m a diehard Seattle Seahawks fan. Last night, not only did the driving rain and howling wind deter the Seahawks from winning, it also left only 24 points on the board, when I needed 41. Ouch. My first outing on turns out to be a loss, but what I lose in a simple bet, I have gained on bonuses paid to my account, and access to another great online sportsbook. I look forward to testing their online casino, and I’ll drop 20 bucks on the table tonight and see how it goes.


I was a bit more than lucky last night regardless of the ‘Hawks choke, mostly because the Canucks came through big time 3-1 last night at home. Also, with Golden State as an underdog, my 3 team parlay came through nicely for me. Now I know that two out of three isn’t too shabby, except I must admit it to you that it hurts a little bit when your team gets embarrassed at home in front of a crowd of miserable fans getting soaked and windblown by the punishing northwestern winds and you lost your otherwise pretty solid bet. It can be stated that this is entirely my fault for not waiting until game day, or checking the forecast in Seattle. Lesson learned.


I must stop for a second and make a statement here. has given me an opportunity to inform the public how our featured online sportsbooks and casinos work, and what content they offer for subscribers. I can honestly say that all of the online sportsbook and casino websites I have signed up for thus far and utilized are of outstanding quality. Having been a beginning gambler a few years back and now seeing the improvements made by some of these institutions, I can use a wealth of information provided by the sportsbook websites to accurately bet on games, and find out interesting facts about the general world of sports. I will state for the record, that as of right now though, has the most offered bonus I have taken. I also like the general layout of the website itself, as it is simple, yet well done and not boring like other sportsbooks elsewhere. You would be wise to check out the Rewards Program that has to offer as well, which could come in handy if you are like me and getting into some heavy action. Go to to learn more about this.


Now, onward to my next featured online sportsbook. I am currently signing up with as we speak and checking out the massive variety for gambling opportunities listed. Not only are there every international game listed, they have a complete list for non-sports bets. I must admit I’ve always been intrigued about this. It will be noted that there is a current odds placed on how many hot dogs the current and reigning champion Kobayashi will eat. It’s going to take 52 and a half to beat the margin. I am so betting on this. looks like a good time to me! Anyways, everyone have a great weekend, catch some games if you can, and checkout our featured online sportsbook and casino sites. There is one that is right for each and every type of player, so look around. Once again thank you for using for all information, reviews and links to the best online sportsbooks and casinos the internet has to offer!


Aaron G.