Happy Holidays from CasinoReview.org!

Now if you are anything like the sports nut I am, you know that this time of year generally adds up to a lot of great sports match-ups and a great excuse to place some bets at a sportsbook?.Or two or three as I have been known to do. I have placed bets for many of the upcoming bowl games and even added a new featured online sportsbook to the growing roster of sportsbooks and online casinos I have under my wing (I count six now).


For the trip home, I have signed up for a new sportsbook and online casino at www.Betgameday.com. This site has definitely has a streamlined presentation of features in the main menus, and the betting options are straightforward and clearly marked. The bonuses for this site are a strong incentive, and a 40% bonus at sign up is very good in comparison to many other sites.  So using my NETteller account, I was quickly able to register, put money in my account and wager some bets on the NFL. I wish my luck with football could be as good as the rewards for using our featured sites. My Seahawks have limped into the playoffs, and have cost me a fair amount in lost bets in the process. Maybe there should be a rule about not betting on your favorite team, because it’s been nothing but heartbreak for this gambler?


That hardship aside, I have scattered bets across many of our featured sites and played a bunch of games in online casinos which have covered my losses by my miserable ‘Hawks. Last week I was successful betting mostly on parlays and a few single bets (way to go Tennessee and Carolina coming through in the clutch!).  Outside of sports though, my favorite game in the casino for the holidays has to be the Texas Hold ‘Em offered by any and all of CasinoReview.org’s featured websites. I must admit that I have indulged in a few late night stints, spending most of my time over at www.Betonusa.com, which I still like the best for ease of use.


Now it’s back to L.A. again and back to my regularly scheduled articles. In the next week, I will be trying to add the rest of the featured sportsbook and online casino websites offered by CasinoReview.org. Hopefully my home team won’t blow up in my face this next week, and hopefully you will take a tour around our featured websites, experimenting as I have, and find the best bonuses and the best action to place your bets on. I’m going out on a limb for the first game of the weekend and taking the Redskins as underdogs. Wish me luck.



Aaron G.