Texas Hold ‘Em, A Few Football Games, and a Short …

We here at CasinoReview.org recognize that the holidays leave little time for play, and a lot of time spent doing things you probably would rather not do. The normal everyday schedule of the holiday season can easily be described as hectic, if not downright dreadful for those with large families. Bouncing from place to place, buying presents, having to sit next to that one Aunt who has really bad gas and doesn’t care? All part of the season.  However, the day that all that commotion is wrapped up, the feet go up and maybe you’re even lucky enough to get a moment to catch a game, or play some cards, if only for a second. For my present to myself this year, I have made it a point to get all my friends at home to dust off the decks, play a few hands, and have some laughs over a couple of beers. Well, maybe like 7-8 beers, but who’s counting, right? Needless to say, after my sloppy play against those who know me best, I’m sticking to our online casinos and sportsbooks for my betting, because while my friends may like me, they cut me no slack on the home tables. My Texas Hold ‘Em performance in person is a little rusty, I won’t lie?

So, on a more positive note I was fortunate over the holidays to be able to invest some of my time into playing on the online casinos and sportbooks we have featured on CasinoReview.org. Just an hour or two of getting away from the madness, if only to place a few wagers, and play a couple of hands on the tables here and there was a fine source relaxation for the time being. I have placed bets with www.Intertops.com, www.Betonus.com, and www.Betgameday.com, and I surely decided to go with some gusto this week. I took a 6 team parlay bet on Intertops.com (which was only for 5 bucks, and I certainly don’t encourage doing to any player) and a scattering of straight bets. I am still a sucker and put money on my Seahawks this week, but only to clear the point spread. I swear they are getting better! Also, the struggling Giants meet up with the Redskins on Saturday night for a battle of the big disappointments in D.C. (as I described yesterday, I’m taking the Redskins in this one). I will be tuned in, hoping that I can come out looking like a genius, instead of total buffoon for taking the ‘Skins.

Well, it looks as if I’m just about to board my flight now. I’ve locked down my bets at a handful of our featured sportsbooks, and I’m playing a few hands before closing up shop and hopping on the big bird home (I love wireless internet at the airport). You can bet on me being on the online casinos tonight, in the peaceful quiet of my own apartment, with no kids screaming and no fruitcakes to have to choke down to please your grandma. I will guarantee that I will have more bets placed and more hands played to talk about tomorrow. Until then, thanks for using www.CasinoReview.org and checking out our featured online casinos and sportsbooks. There is something for every type of gambler on our website, so do your research and place those bets!

Aaron G.