Happy New Year and Happy Betting

So it’s that time again to start making your resolutions and pretending that you’re gonna lose that 5-10 pounds you gained over the holidays. I’ve decided that the only thing I have to do this New Year is to become a better gambler, be more patient on the tables, and maybe stay away from betting on the home team? Since mine apparently don’t like me betting on them. I have found out this year that online gambling is a legitimate, often publicly traded business that is professional, secure and always a good time for the user. Being the amateur/beginner gambler that I am, I have been able to utilize CasinoReview.org for featured sportsbooks and casinos, and have enjoyed all the websites we offer for you. I have made good bets, bad bets, learned from some mistakes, and reaped huge benefits from playing lots of hands, and taking the best bonuses I could find.


If you are just getting into, or back into online sportsbooks and casinos, I hope that you take a long look around all of our sites, and judge them on what your style of play caters to. Each one is slightly different and offers benefits to specified types of betting and game play. I for one love sports betting and playing cards. I love hockey, yet many internet sportsbooks don’t offer players bets of this type. Sometimes I’d like to go crazy and, say, bet on how many hot dogs someone can eat.  Nonetheless, our featured sites have all options for the casual to the serious gambler. The quality of service offered both online and in person of the phone is excellent across the board. I honestly cannot find a significant flaw, save maybe for a few small website design details here and there, that would make me hold even an average opinion of these sites. You will not be disappointed by your experiences using any of featured sites CasinoReview.org has to offer.


Now I’ll keep it short so you can peacefully ring in the New Year, and settle in for those great bowl match-ups, NFL Playoff-implicating games, and grab a big plate of nachos and a pint of beer to wash it all down.  There should be some excellent games to bet on for tonight, tomorrow, and for a few days to come, so check out are featured sportsbooks and casinos and pick your winners before it’s too late. The NFL playoffs and collegiate bowl games are only coming around once a year, so place your bets and we’ll see you in 2007!




Aaron G.