Great day for sportsbook betting on a fine Sunday afternoon

There are good day for sportsbook betting, and then there are REALLY good days for online sports betting, and today is that day my friends. From the NFL to the NBA, to the NHL to the NCAA, it’s one excellent time to hit up one of our best online sportsbooks featured here at, and throw out a sportsbook wager or two on some of the games. We have #1 UCLA squaring against #8 Texas in NCAA basketball, and I certainly won’t be missing out on this one. Flip a coin folks. UCLA has home court today, but they’re still untested against a real national power. I’m taking the under on total points for this one, because these are two well rounded teams, and I’m too chicken to call a winner. Please don’t tell anyone. Not only that, but another Southern Cal team has a huge home game, with #24 USC playing host to #4 Kansas. Unfortunately for me, neither game has any of my teams in it, but I’ve got to throw down for Kansas, as they have the best shot to win as a seasoned top team. We’ll just have to see how that goes, and hope that my traitorous betting against my current hometown team doesn’t backfire on me!

Did I mention that there is football today? Sunday couch potatoes (such as myself) rejoice, for there is a full day of NFL football this afternoon! There are a number of key match-ups against teams fighting for playoffs, and it’s a good day for heading to an online sports betting site, and placing a wager on one of the teams heating up for a chance to keep playing after three more weeks. I’ve discovered that I can never watch my home team ever again´┐Żif I ever want them to win a wager for me. Historically, in the last year every Seahawks game I’ve watched for more than a quarter, I’ve seen the team lose. All the others, have been both victories for the team, and for my online sports betting wagers! With that in mind, I’m taking Seattle straight up against the Philadelphia Eagles at one of our best online sports betting sites at (<a href=””>read the review of</a>). I’m very much hoping for a return visit the likes of the absolute thumping the ‘Hawks gave their brethren Eagles the last time they rolled into Philly. I’m guessing McNabb might just step up with a good game in memory of that, so I expect it will be a close contest.

Along with these two leagues, there are tons more to choose from when choosing wagers on our featured online sportsbooks reviewed here at Check out the NHL Hockey, NBA Basketball, and all the other wagering possibilities at the best online sportsbooks and casinos featured on our site. Thanks for stopping by, and enjoy!

Aaron G.