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I love Thursdays. Not only is the weekend merely one day away, There is always the expanse of sports to choose from, between no less than four sports in action today. From the field to the court and onto the ice, you can find anything on our featured online sports betting websites worthy of placing a few wagers on. First off today, we’ve just got a small handful of NBA games, and the number three has always been a favorite of mine. I like the Portland Trailblazers at home, as well as the Hawks over the dismal Timberwolves, but the Denver vs. Dallas game is tricky to choose. I’ll take the over wager on total points, and you can call me a chicken all you want�I’ve just never had good luck wagering on Dallas when they play other solid teams!

In tonight’s return to Thursday night betting on NFL football, I’m taking the Washington Redskins to win at home over the Chicago Bears. I think that the Redskins are taking a bit of a boost in honor of their fallen teammate Sean Taylor, and I’d bet money that they’ll be really pulling for a win in front of the home crowd. Plus, Chicago can’t score points. That my friends, is a fact. They are sitting at 31st in the league in rushing, which is something that we all know the Bears have coveted as a key to their offensive attack. Conversely, I like the offense put together by Joe Gibbs, and Jason Campbell will continue to be a good anchor at QB as he gains experience. I’ll hope that my amateur spin on tonight’s games pays off, because a win might certainly help kill the idea that all the Monday and Thursday night games this year have pretty much been duds. That’s just my take though�

We’ve finally got a little top 25 NCAA action for betting on sports on a Thursday, and you can bet I’m taking advantage of that today. #13 Butler may be known as a mid-major team, but they are legit as far as I’ve seen. They’ve got Detroit in a conference game, and should have no problem with them. #21 Villanova has an interesting task up against LSU today, but I’m hoping their home crowd will pull them out today. With all the great sports betting options to choose from across a number of our featured online sportsbooks, you can find great betting opportunities everywhere you look. These are just a few of the many games offered everyday and I hope you can find what your looking for at our featured online sports books and casinos. Thanks for stopping by, and as always good luck!

Aaron G.