Saturday’s wild NCAA action on our featured online …

It’s a pretty thing going to one of our best online sports betting sites featured at, and seeing the lists of sports betting possibilities extend down a long, scrollable list. Ahhh, heaven. With this Saturday just getting going, I’m up a bit early trying to squeeze in today’s online sports betting, and quickly realizing that with all the NFL, NHL, and NBA action, I’m a little out of touch with the teams in NCAA basketball. That being said, luck has been on my side with betting on sports for NCAA b-ball, and visits to our best online sportsbooks have netted me just a bit over breaking even so far this year. That I will take considering the amateur status of NCAA knowledge right now�I’m am so ashamed! Anyways, there are number of big teams going up against small time competitors, so it’s looking like a great time to string together some parlays, and make some good money in just a few wagers.

#3 Kansas goes up against DePaul today, with #5 Texas visiting Rice, and #7 Duke hosting Michigan. If these ranked teams can’t pull together a victory on a parlay wager, I’m not sure who will be able to do so. I’ll also throw in #10 Michigan State over #22 Brigham Young as well as taking Washington to keep it close at home against Pitt. I’m hoping my Washington Huskies can play as well as they normally do at home today, as a win would also certainly do the trick for me. Other good games to look at that I’ve wagered on today are #15 Marquette vs. #23 Wisconsin. Wisconsin maybe ranked, but they are no match for Marquette head to head. I certainly like watching this Marquette team this year, and I will be rooting for them come bracket season, regardless of the outcome of today’s game. #24 Arizona has a tough go against Illinois today as well but I’ll take them to win, and that will round out my sports betting for NCAA action today.

It’s a beautiful day to not be at work in Los Angeles, and it’s an even better day for betting on sports out our featured online sportsbooks and casinos here at You can bet that all the sites reviewed here are tried and true, and the top sportsbooks found anywhere on the internet. Stop in for all the online sports betting excitement any day of the week, and start winning that money today!

Aaron G.