Sunday’s exciting NFL action

Welcome to another great Sunday afternoon, one which yours truly will be parked in front of the ‘tube watching all the great NFL action lined up for this afternoon, and hoping that my wagers placed at our best online sportsbooks here pay off. Today is a special day in the NFL, as there are a number of teams that can clinch playoff births today, or further seal up their divisions. The most interesting game today in my opinion has to be the match-up between the Dallas Cowboys and the Detroit Lions. The Lions absolutely have to win today, if only to keep Jon Kitna’s 10 win prediction alive. Dallas meanwhile is a force to be reckoned with, and they can seal the NFC East with a win today in Detroit. Tony Romo has turned out to be some kind of magic, and while people constantly comparing this guy to Bret Favre, that has become ever present in each game Romo plays in. I just can’t bet against this guy, and the magical season this has been for Dallas, so likewise my first bet of the day goes down at, taking the Cowboys to win straight up.

The other big game of the day between the New England Patriots and the Pittburgh Steelers is bound to be a great contest to check out. Following the Pats’ ride towards a perfect season has been exciting, but they face a serious threat with the Steelers today. Luckily for New England, they are at home, but I would expect a close game that could go either way. I’m saying Patriots by a field goal, and added that bet at the online sportsbook at Following with that bet and combining for a parlay bet, I’m taking my Seahawks at home over the Arizona Cardinals with the point spread, and Jacksonville Jaguars over the Carolina Panthers. One more interesting scenario might play out today in the race for the AFC West division. If San Diego wins today against the Tennessee Titans, and Denver loses at home facing the KC Chiefs, they will secure the division once again for another shot at the playoffs. San Diego certainly hasn’t hit full out stride this year, but if they get a shot at the playoffs hitting on all cylinders, they could be a real threat this year.

With all the great games in store for sports betting fans, you can always find a trip to one of the featured online sportsbooks to be a rewarding experience. Peruse through some of the online sports betting reviews at, and find the best online sports betting sites to serve your online wagering experience. Hope your Sunday goes great, and that your home town team comes out on top!

Aaron G.