Ditching work for home, squeezing in a few bets at Bodog.com

I’m very excited to say that first and foremost, I don’t have to be at work today! Let alone today, I’m departing the daily grind for a full week to head home for much needed rest and relaxation, which you can be sure will include a few trips to the internet for some online sports betting. With the wireless fired up, sitting in the airport waiting to catch my flight, it figures to be a perfect time to check out the lines at a few of our featured online sports betting sites, and throw down a few bets before heading off into the clouds. For today, I’m sticking with Bodog.com, one of the new-comer online sportsbooks and casinos featured here at CasinoReview.org. From the moment I’ve started wagering at Bodog.com, it is plainly obvious why Bodog.com founder Calvin Ayre became a billionaire so quickly. With great graphics, not to mention excellent content and sports betting opportunities, Bodog.com has quickly grown into a powerhouse of betting on sports, and is easily one of the top sportsbooks on the internet today.

With the praise set aside, I’m down for a few online sports bets featuring NBA basketball and the one NCAA bowl game featuring Memphis going against Florida Atlantic in the New Orleans Bowl. I still can’t get over how early these games are starting now, and while the number of bowl games is bordering ridiculous, it certainly makes for a much livelier time betting on sports over the holiday season. I’m taking the over bet on the points at Bodog.com today, as the game is indoors with a couple of teams that I don’t expect to have great defensive prowess. I may be a chicken betting on the total points, but since I’m relatively clueless about either of these teams ‘m banking on Rusty Smith, QB for the Florida Atlantic Owls to carry on with his impressive year to this point. I’m certainly going to try to bet on every bowl game this year, however with so many to keep track of, it’s going to be difficult to dish out money and still know all that there is to know about the teams that are matching up.

So with my money down for the bowl game, it’s on to a little online sports betting for NBA basketball, and my money is on Boston, the L.A. Lakers, and Dallas to pull through their games today. There are a number of great match-ups throughout the sports leagues for Friday, and I’d certainly be inclined to head to more of our top sportsbooks�If it weren’t for the fact that my plane leaves in about a half hour, and I’m needed at the gate! So long for Friday, and carry on wagering at our best online sports betting sites here at CasinoReview.org. It’s going to be a great weekend indeed!

Aaron G.