Thursday Night Football, NBA, NCAA Basketball action …

If you are anything like me, Thursday night is just about one of the best nights of the week. Friday is usually nice and easy going, and we have NFL Football, NHL Hockey, NBA and a little NCAA Basketball to choose from at any one of the best online sports betting sites reviewed here at I like to spread the wealth around, so-to-speak of course, and visit a few different top sportsbooks every Thursday night this time of year. I’ve got the Utah vs. Portland game in mind for later tonight, being as as it’s the lone West Coast game tonight�and I can’t wait to see the outcomes of my online sports betting. First off on my list of top sportsbooks is (read the review of BetUS), and dropping a 10 dollar wager on the total points, I’m hoping that the Utah Jazz at least can keep up their scoring prowess, along with the Portland, who has been putting up good numbers as of late.

Betting on sports for NFL football, there is actually a pretty good match-up between the New Orleans Saints and the Chicago Bears. With Chicago at home in this one, I’ve got to give the nod to the Bears, as it just seems like the Saints cannot get anything going on the road, and especially not in cold weather. While the games might not be all that spectacular, I’m still betting it out in tradition today at (read the review of, taking the Chicago to win at home over the Saints in a close one. If Chicago’s defense can actually play up to par tonight, then this one should swing the Bears’ way. However, if Drew Brees is allowed to sit in the pocket and throw, it could be a rough night for the Bears’ secondary, and possibly an upset in front of the Chicago faithful. Only time will tell now�.

For NHL Hockey tonight, there is a small handful of teams in action, which makes perfect for another parlay wager. I’ve been struggling at the hockey wagering as of late, and hopefully I can get back on track with wins from Pittsburgh, Phoenix and San Jose. Their opponents make for very good games tonight, and I’m going to be needing a little bit of luck to pull out my little slump betting on the NHL. With one more wager tonight, I’ve got Villanova winning against St. Joseph’s in NCAA action, and I’m calling it good. I hope that you’ve been able to find a great online sportsbook at our website today, and if you haven’t looked around, please visit our featured online sportsbook and casino reviews at Have a great rest of the week, and come visit us again!

Aaron G.