Saturday night sports betting at

As the seasons change, the terrible realization that the NFL football season is near an end comes ever closer. There has certainly been many of ups and downs along the way both on the field, and for me on our featured online sportsbooks; but I can say that as always betting on NFL football is one of my favorite online pastimes. My trips to (read the review of Superbook), one of our best online sports betting site at, has always been a quick and easy way to get in on the exciting action for every week of the NFL, however for today, it’s a host of College Basketball, NBA and NHL games for Saturday’s fill of betting on sports.

As I get set for a little College hoops this afternoon, I have to admit I’m a sucker for wagering on games between two Top 25 teams, and as such my first wager of the day happens to be on the only game slated between two top 25 teams, being the contest between #15 Memphis, and #19 Georgetown. With home court advantage, I’m smelling an upset for the Hoyas today, and that will hopefully make for a good start to sports betting for Saturday. Looking through the rest of the Top 25, I honestly can’t find any more than one potential upset, with that being the game between #21 Ohio State, and the 8-0 Butler Bulldogs. However, to make the best of the lop sided games in the Top 25, put together some parlay wagers today, and watch a bunch of favorite teams come together to hopefully make some big money for you in sports betting today.

It’s another big day for the NFL tomorrow, and with it comes more great choices for betting on sports at our best online sportsbooks reviewed here at With a never-ending tide of games to choose from across multiple leagues, betting on sports has never been better, and there are no better places to wager than the sportsbooks featured here. Anways, I hope you are all enjoying your Saturdays, and make sure to check out on of our best online sports betting sites featured here at It’ll be one of the best bets you ever make!

Aaron G.