Week 16 of NFL Sunday makes for great online sportsbook …

Sundays during the holiday season are one of my most favorite days of all. It’s cold (well, relatively in LA, at about 55 degrees), and many games being played today will be taking place under inclement weather conditions, many having lots of snowfall for gametime. This Sunday happens to be a great opportunity to break the grueling pace of the holiday season, place some wagers at our featured online sports betting sites, and kick back for some well-deserved NFL football. It’s week 16, the playoffs are on the line, and there is really no place I’d rather be than cozy on a couch, while the cold weather outside just passes on by unnoticed. This morning getting up, I’m already hearing reports of Soldier Field having some nasty conditions for game time, so the Green Bay vs. Chicago game might already be a pass for my sports betting today´┐Ż

My first wager of the day will take the teams looking to prove something in today’s game. First and foremost, that means the Houston Texans, who are looking to finish at .500 or above for the first time in team history. Against a shoddy Oakland Raiders team, my online sports betting says they come up with a win in the Bay Area today, on the strong running game featuring rookie sensation Steve Slaton. Cleveland also needs a win at home, if only to save a bit of face in front of their home crowd. Cincinnati is horrible, and a victory for the Browns should be a good call. Another great game I’m checking out, as it’s the first game on tap for Fox Sports today, is the Arizona Cardinals vs. the New England Patriots. Arizona is horrible on the road, and especially bad on the East Coast, and with pretty bad conditions scheduled for game time, I would go so far as to predict a complete Patriots blowout in this one.

No matter what your sport of choice is on any given day, Sunday is for football, and there are no better places to do some betting on sports than at our featured online sports betting sites reviewed here at CasinoReview.org. There are some classic match-ups in NFL football this afternoon and evening, so I highly recommend heading to one of our best online sports betting sites, and get in to the action before its too late today!

Aaron G.