Back in sports betting business for a fantastic Friday off

Everything�is�okay. There is hockey, and there is basketball, this is good. And, there’s a bowl game, albeit a shaky one�yes. This will do nicely. Finally things are getting back to normal, and for betting on sports today, each and every online sports betting website reviewed here is full of solid action, and great chances to make some dough on a day off (at least I hope you have today off as well!). The NBA is rolling along after a fun day yesterday that saw Boston lose their streak, and made me look like I actually might know what I’m talking about�only problem was loosing those couple other wagers�.yeah. Anyways today is another day, and another day that I can wager against Oklahoma City. I’m sorry. For all that live in Oklahoma City, it’s not about you. It’s just about the team. The Pistons should have no troubles at home, and improve my wagering against Oklahoma City to 27-3 on the year.

For today, it’s a trip to (read the review of Superbook), as it is another one of the best online sports betting sites reviewed here. Top quality service, prompt payments and good bonuses are a key to repeat business, and I have no problem giving my time to website like Superbook for all my sports betting needs. Today I actually like the Jazz at home against the Mavericks, who are coasting on nice little runs of wins, as they square off in Salt Lake city a little later on. Ever the fan of a stinkfest, I’ll have to wager on the T-wolves vs. Knicks, and I could see a high scoring affair to determine this one, and as such take over on total points. On the flipside, and in an actually solid contest, the New Orleans Hornets host the Houston Rockets, which will make for a tough gut call in sports betting. I have a weakness for wagering with the home team in games played against well-matched, and very good teams, so I lean towards the Hornets in this one. Likewise, the Nuggets match-up well against the struggling 76ers, Memphis is at home in a battle of the equally sub-par, and I like the direction the Heat are going, especially against a slumping Chicago Bulls team.

I’m just squeezing one last round of betting on sports for the NHL later this evening�so as I am already dropping in on for my favorite Texas Hold ‘Em action, later, I might as well give them a little love on my NHL sports betting as well. No matter what sports you are watching today, or where you’re wagering among the top sportsbooks reviewed here, you can be sure that leaves you with tons of options for choosing your favorite sports bets, as well internet casino games that would rival any real casinos selection. Enjoy your evening, good luck in all your wagering and I hope you come back and see us soon!

Aaron G.