December gets started with great bets on NHL Hockey, NBA …

After a great Monday Night Football game last night between the New Orleans Saints and the New England Patriots, one thing has been laid down; the Saints are the team to beat in each and every game leading up to the Superbowl. I must say that even while at home and having an advantage, it’s been a long time since I’ve seen a Pats team dismantled like the New Orleans offensive attack did to them last night! With a score in the win column both for them, and my betting on sports record at (<a href=””>read the review of</a>), I for one am ready for another great (albeit slightly subdued) night of betting on sports at one of the top online sportsbooks reviewed at

For basketball today, a quick note is in order regarding the #9 Michigan State vs. #11 North Carolina game. This one is a match-up not to be missed folks. The Tarheels have been fortunate enough to play all but one of their opening 7 games at home so far this year, and with Michigan coming in, tonight’s game should be a close one. I’ll take the over wager on points at the sportsbook, and hope for a pretty even showing on both sides of the court. With six further games in the NBA to round out some sportsbook betting on basketball, find a couple of the better games for your wagers today, including the Portland vs. Miami game which should be one of the better ones both to watch and wager on. To close out another great round of sports betting, a few NHL bets get thrown into the mix, and this guy is ready for an evening of exciting sports action, complimented by some hopefully solid sportsbook wagers.

Sports action for this week will certainly be full of exciting wagering opportunities on our featured sportsbooks at  I for one can’t wait for the start of the Pac-10, SEC, Big-12 and ACC Football battles that will all be taking place over the course of Saturday. Make sure that you get a chance to hop on an online sportsbook or two, because you certainly won’t want miss out on some practice wagering before the college football gets underway, as this will be the best football in the NCAA before the bowl games begin around the holidays. Check back with us tomorrow for more sports updates, and hopefully for myself and everyone else, better luck will be just around the corner. Have a great night, and thanks again for using for the best online sports books and casinos the internet has to offer.

Aaron G.