Monday night Sports betting at

Sports fans rejoice this evening, with an actual match-up for Monday Night Football worth checking into! Tonight’s game between the Baltimore Ravens and the Green Bay Packers is a big game for both teams, as both are looking to keep up with the Jones’ so-to-speak, in their respective divisions. These two teams are a great match-up both on the offensive and defensive side, with a solid running game at the core of the Ravens offense, and a great passing unit for the Packers. With a tough call for betting on sports ahead of me, I  nonetheless head back to one of our top sportsbooks at (<a href=””>read the review of Players Only</a>), and with a few quick clicks I’ve placed my wager for tonight’s big Monday Night Football game, and I hope you are well on your way to doing the same, as there are just a few short hours left for wagering on this great game!

Back the courts tonight, there are a couple of tough calls to choose from in the games featured in the NBA, and just one decent match-up worth watching between the San Antonio Spurs and the Utah Jazz. However, you can bet that at least a couple quick wagers can be had on the lopsided contests taking place in the other three games on tap for betting on sports at the Players Only Sportsbook. The Denver Nuggets should have no problems on the road against the 76ers (riding a three game win streak as well), and the Trailblazers have a good road match-up against a sputtering Knicks team. Placing my wager at, I’ve only just squeezed in my wagers 5 minutes before the first game starts, and hope for a good showing. has really impressed me, for an overall wide assortment of gaming options. Not only are they an international staple for promoting big events, they run a solid website with great online sports betting options, and plenty of online casino games. If you haven’t had a chance to visit or read a little more about it, please see our featured online sportsbook and casino reviews and get on your way to better online sports betting.

I’ve got a few bucks left in my budget for the NHL tonight, so with 9 games on tap, a quick two bets are up tonight for the fastest game in sports, and a little added excitement to an already great Monday of online sportsbook betting. I’ve got to wager on the Buffalo Sabres against the New Jersey Devils in a good game, as well as the Montreal Canadiens to take advantage of a Philadelphia Flyers team that just is not clicking on all cylinders. With that, the final games are chosen for the day and my betting on our top sportsbooks is done! If you’re stopping in late, check out the new lines on our featured online sportsbooks for more great sports betting action. We’ll see you again tomorrow, and good luck!

Aaron G.