Basketball and Hockey beef up the top sportsbook betting …

For Tuesday night this week, I’m happy to say that the entire evening of betting on sports will be devoted to basketball and hockey, as my recent losses in the NHL lead me to believe my betting on hockey needs more practice, but my recent luck in NBA sportsbook betting leads me to believe I can at least break even wagering on Tuesday night sports action. I’m using this Tuesday as a chance to get very specific with basketball especially, and try to keep some winning ways going in another sport. While NHL hockey is always fun to try out from time to time, most people prefer to get into NBA basketball for their online sports betting, and there is no better time to start getting those betting chops back in order than right now. I’ve got a three team parlay wager set up at Bodog Sportsbook (<a href=””>read the review of Bodog Sportsbook</a>) tonight, and can’t wait until I get home and get into the action while watching a few of the scheduled games.

To start off the basketball action, the game of the day will have to be the Dallas Mavericks taking on the Phoenix Suns, with both teams floating on great starts to the 2009-10 NBA campaign. Of noteworthiness in this game, the Suns have currently lost all their games on the road this year, meanwhile Dallas has maintained a strong stance at home. I’ll take Dirk Nowitzki and crew, FTW. With the Cavaliers looking to extend their current win streak to 5 against the Memphis Grizzlies, and the Orlando Magic looking to take a road win from the LA Clippers, I like these two match-ups for anyone’s online sportsbook betting today.  For these two games, I’ve lumped into one parlay wager at the sportsbook (<a href=””>read the review of</a>), one of our best online sports betting sites reviewed here at, and once again I’m betting that I can get a good start to a new season with a few relatively safe bets.

It’s going to be a great season going forward, both for the NBA and the NHL, and you can get into all the best online sportsbook action here at our website. Offering reviews of the finest online sportsbooks and casinos on the internet, there is pretty much no place you can go wrong when visiting the featured websites here. Get out those bets for this evening, and I hope that whoever you are rooting for comes out strong in tonight’s games, and throughout the week. As always, good luck, and thanks for dropping by!

Aaron G.