Monday Night Football highlights online sports betting at …

Sportsbook betting for Monday kicks off first and foremost with a visit to the NFC West, and the NFL Monday Night Football game between the Arizona Cardinals, and the San Francisco 49ers. While perhaps a less-than-stellar offering for most football fans across the U.S. and abroad, what is present in this game tonight is a good road team, facing a tough home team, and both teams fighting for something; for Arizona, a chance to lock up the NFC West title, and for the 49ers, a chance to hold the Cardinals from clinching the division, if perhaps just for another week. For the first wager of the day at Bodog Sportsbook (<a href=””>read the review of Bodog Sportsbook</a>), I like the over bet on the total points in this contest, as I hope that the Arizona pass and the 49er run will fuel some 20+ digit performances from both sides of the line.

Back the courts tonight, there are a couple of tough calls to choose from in the games featured in the NBA, but you can bet that at least a quick five dollar wager one a parlay bet has to go down, just to get in on the action. I like Dallas over New Orleans, even with the points spread high (as the Hornets sport a 2-9 road record coming in), The Jazz just about anytime they are at home, and the Denver Nuggets to hopefully put the OKC Thunder one step closer to sinking back under .500…if you don’t know already I carry heavy bias against OKC, as their team was stolen from my hometown! At any rate, my sportsbook betting journey to Bodog makes me realize once again how easy it is to do a little betting on sports, and for an overall wide assortment of gaming options, this site can’t be beat. Not only are they an international staple for promoting big events, they run a solid website with great online sports betting options, and plenty of online casino games. If you haven’t had a chance to visit Bodog or read a little more about it, please see our featured online sportsbook and casino reviews and get on your way to better online sports betting.

I’ve got a few bucks left in my budget for the NHL tonight, so a quick two bets are up tonight for the fastest game in sports. I’ve got to wager on the Bruins and and Flyers game taking place in Boston as well as the sharp looking Atlanta Thrashers against the New York Rangers team that is fizzling just a bit. With a day of sports betting wrapped up, great games ahead, and a few of the best online sportbooks at your fingertips each and every day this week, count on the sports betting excitement to do nothing but grow as the days move on. We’ll see you again tomorrow, and good luck!

Aaron G.