NBA and NCAA Basketball, NHL Hockey for sportsboook …

Surprisingly enough, the week has reached the midway point faster than I would have expected, as the days leading up to the holidays and New Year’s seem to glide by with day after day of great online sports betting action! For Wednesday, it’s business at usual, and for me anyways, it’s a trip to sportsbook (<a href=””>read the review of</a>) sportsbook for a couple of wagers on today’s best bets. As they NBA has a full plate of games in store, it seems to be the most attractive sports for placing bets on so we’ll start there. The hot team in the league is the Atlanta Hawks, who play host to the Memphis Grizzlies. 5th straight? I would venture yes, but by how much is the true question for betting on sports tonight.     The Griz are awful on the road, and the Hawks have been outstanding at home which may mean a good call for an over wager on total points, or even perhaps on the Hawks to beat the spread. I’ll take my chances on the big scoring, as defense isn’t necessarily either teams’ strong suit.

The only really tough game for NBA sports betting tonight in my opinion happens to be the Detroit Pistons vs. the New Orleans Hornets, as neither squad has really shown that they are a contender this year. I like a number of individual players on each team, but combined, something hasn’t quite been clicking. The Pistons come into New Orleans with a 3-9 road record, and Cleveland blowing the doors off of the Central Division. On the other hand, New Orleans is also awful on the road, but very good at home, with Chris Paul generally putting up double-doubles or better for the offense. For today’s sportsbook betting at sportsbook, it’s New Orleans all the way, as first piece of a three team parlay wager. Finishing off with the L.A. Clippers over the T-Wolves, as well as the Mavericks to beat the Thunder. And yes, I’ll remain bitter and always bet against OKC when it’s deemed appropriate, as to be clear, they took my home basketball team away from me!

With 8 games taking place in NHL Hockey tonight, and the league full of great and well-balanced teams, no matter what you wager on, count on all games to be exciting, fast and even profitable. Noteworthy games include Buffalo vs. Ottawa in a close-proximity but international showdown between two teams I’m liking very much this year, and also the Anaheim Duck vs. the Vancouver Canucks in another international, but West Coast match-up. I’ll take my Canucks anytime at home, and like my chances against a last in division Ducks team. I’ll always be down to take Martin Brodeur in a game with historical significance, as he will become tied with Patrick Roy for 2nd most all-time regular season appearances as his New Jersey Devils take on the Montreal Habs on home ice. If you get a chance check out this game, or any others in your area, as NHL Hockey remains a fast and furious sport, with a league full of great teams. Have a great day, good luck as always, and thanks for stopping by for the best online sportsbooks, and sports betting updates every day!

Aaron G.