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Friday brings to light another great weekend of sports, and while we sports fans will have to make do without the normal handful of College Hoops on tap, there are plenty of other exciting sporting adventures to take advantage of and betting on sports has never gotten better than at the sportsbook (<a href=””>read the review of</a>). One of my favorites for ease of use and a great sportsbook interface, I frequently count on the sportsbook at to bring great action, good lines on all the sporting contests around the world, and very importantly, prompt payouts whenever needed. For Friday, the anchor leg of sportsbook betting hedges on NBA basketball with 11 games in store, and also 6 games in NHL hockey for sports fans fond of the fast game around. Feeling confident with a few wagers placed already, I’ll look into some of the most actively wagered on games today, and try my hand at a few wagers which hopefully will help pay my bar tab this evening!

In the NBA, I’m loving the Atlanta Hawks hosting the Utah Jazz, as it’s almost rare these days to find two good teams matching up together. The Jazz have been sluggish on the road throughout the 2009-10 year, and with a red-hot Hawks team in their sights, it’s going to be a tough win for the Carlos Boozer-led Jazz, especially being sans Deron Williams. In this one, I’ll take the Hawks for their sixth straight, and their 12th win in 14 games at home this year. In another great contest, make sure to check out the New Orleans Hornets hosting the Denver Nuggets. In a flip of direction, I’ll bank on the road team here with a hopefully solid performance from Carmelo Anthony and J.R. Smith leading the way. In the last good match-up for the day, check into the Dallas Mavericks and the Houston Rockets, as a great in-state NBA game is always a fun one to watch and wager on (especially when both teams are having good seasons).

With more great action at the best online sportsbooks reviewed here over the weekend, count on all the top sportsbooks to deliver just what you’re looking for in terms of wagering options, and also make sure to take advantage of all the available statistical information on any of the games you’re wagering on. It’s one thing to randomly guess on some low-cost wagers, it’s another to truly try and cash in, using all the latest stats to support making very educated bets, and hopefully reaping rewards in the form of added money in your online sportsbook bank. Make sure to check out today or anytime this weekend, and enjoy all the action right at your fingertips each and every day going forward!

Aaron G.