Monday Night Football, sports betting on Basketball and …

Monday night is usually a time to reflect on just how long of a work week you have in store for yourself, however lucky enough for many of us, this week happens to be shortened by the presence of the holidays, and this guy for one is just happy to be out of the office starting on Wednesday this week! With the added excitement of Monday Night Football today, the first really decent College Football game taking place tomorrow, and plenty of NHL Hockey, NBA and NCAA basketball on deck right now, count on one of the top sportsbooks reviewed right here to be the perfect place to make your most educated wagers for the sports action today! For starters, I’m off to one of the fan favorite sportsbooks, at sportsbook (<a href=””>read the review of</a>).  Offering easy access to betting lines, solid odds and statistical information at your fingertips, the sportsbook has and will be one of the best online sportsbooks we use week in and week out for catching all the sports excitement online.

For Monday Night Football this week, fans may  not be treated to the best football game, but just might be treated to one of the biggest Monday Night blowouts. The Washington Redskins come into this game as an organization that is broken down to its core. It’s coaches, it’s management, and it’s ownership all seem to be running in opposite directions. Meanwhile, a pretty decent crew of football players suffer the woes of a team in decline, as they have yet this year to play as an actual team, and/or score any points. While I haven’t been a fan of the New York Giants this year, who come into tonight’s game at the 7-6 mark, they are a much better overall team than the Redskins, and should have no problem putting up the numbers in tonight’s contest. With a huge spread favoring the Giants, I still like the Giants in this game tonight, as they remain in playoff contention with a win, meanwhile Jim Zorn and the Redskins just seem to want the season to end as quickly as possible, no matter the outcome of each individual game.

For further betting on sports today, check out games in the NBA, including the pairings between the Magic and Jazz, and the Suns and Cavaliers. Definitely two of the best games of the day, these four teams comprise the elite ranks of the NBA heading through the first third of the season. With a further 11 games for the NHL tonight, as well as an opportunity to wager on tomorrow’s bowl game between #18 Oregon State and #14 BYU, it’s another great ride of betting on sports on Monday, and hopefully the start of a very good shortened work week. Wishing you all the best this holiday season, and all the luck at today, thanks for stopping by as always and we’ll catch you again soon!

Aaron G.