Wednesday’s online sports betting at Bookmaker …

With a wind-down eminent for betting on sports over the holidays, sports fans will definitely want to venture to a top sportsbook today, and get in on the action before tomorrow kicks off a day with only one wager to be had! Without further ado, today we travel to Bookmaker Sportsbook (<a href=””>read the review of Bookmaker Sportsbook</a>) for sportsbook betting action, as it has proven itself worthy to be found among the ranks of the best sportsbooks reviewed right here. With a solid 20% sign-up bonus, and a great feature in mobile sports betting, I like Bookmaker for anyone who is on the go, or who likes a clean, simple, and effective website for placing bets on the top sports action of the day. For today’s opening bet, it’s the one game in store for College Football, that being the contest between #23 Utah, and California in the Poinsettia Bowl from San Diego.

Without a doubt, both football teams in action today have something to prove. For Utah, it’s another notch in a column of legitimacy for their program, and also the Mountain West Conference. For Cal, the Pac-10′s status as a power conference comes under doubt, and a win would be huge, especially after a crushing loss that Oregon State suffered at the hands of BYU yesterday (another PAC-10 v. MWC match-up). However, with Cal missing star tailback Jahvid Best, and Utah looking to cap off their ninth straight bowl victory with another embarrassing loss by a PAC-10 squad, I teeter on the edge of which way to wager in this game. Out of nostalgia for my home conference, and perhaps with a bias for a California team playing in California, I’ll take the Golden Bears for a win, and hopefully bring a little pride to their conference this year. One thing is for sure, this game should be a well fought contest with plenty of scoring, and worth checking into today.

With a full plate of both NBA and NHL games getting underway today, sports fans of any flavor will find exactly what they are looking for with a trip to Bookmaker Sportsbook today. Betting on sports over the holidays is some of the most fun of the entire year, as a full day can easily be spent watching each and every game possible. Wishing you the happiest of holidays, we hope for further success in your online sportsbook betting at, and as always, thanks for stopping by!

Aaron G.