Holiday sports betting at Diamond Sportsbook for Saturday

It’s a another great day, after what has been a great few well-deserved days off, and Saturday greets sports fans with more ways to spend your free time by betting on sports, and watching some exciting sports action from the comfort of your own couch (or possibly even a seat at one of the games?). For me, it’s an early trip to the local pub to find some loud and obnoxious football (soccer) fans going nuts for their teams before midday. Yes, it is awesome. Kicking off Saturday’s games for English Premier League Football,  Diamond Sportsbook (<a href=””>read the review of Diamond Sportsbook</a>) gets the call to action, as one of the best online sportsbooks we’ve added to our reviewed section as of late. My wagers fall on Chelsea and Liverpool today, and for one of my co-workers working abroad, I’ll take her Spurs over Fulham to round out a nice little parlay wager today. While admittedly not a seasoned bettor when it comes to European Football, there is always time to try something new, and this year has been an exciting foray into wagering outside of the standard U.S.-based games. If you haven’t gotten into the action of European Football this year, there is no better time than right now!

For College Football today, there happen to be three pretty solid games worth checking into, including the contests between Pittsburgh and North Carolina, USC vs. Boston College, and Marshall vs. Ohio. While my bowl betting bracket stuffed with 125 entrants (a new record for our group of friends and family!) has just two of the three games counting, I have to wager on them all, for I am a sucker for sportsbook bets on any and all college bowl games. With that in mind, I’ll go with my picks (Pitt and USC), and hope that Marshall can pull out a victory in my ‘wild card’ pick of the day, if you will. While there may not be all that many games to choose from in College Football right now, having a bowl game featured every night from now until the BCS Championship on January 7th makes for an exciting addition to the otherwise typical offerings for betting on sports. Check out these games today, with a visit to Diamond Sportsbook.

For the remainder of my allotted funds for online sportsbook betting, I’m always game for the NHL, with a full plate consisting of 13 games. Ever the fan of the Ottawa Senators vs. Buffalo Sabres match-up, today’s game finds Ottawa limping into Buffalo with a number of players sitting this one out.  I usually wager on Buffalo anyways, but most especially today with the Sens disadvantaged offensive attack. With Captain Daniel Alfredsson out for a month with a separated shoulder, and Jason Spezza lost to a knee injury, it would seem all the more reason to rally behind the red-hot Sabres. Last year, if you would have said that the Phoenix Coyotes against the Los Angeles Kings would have been a top match-up for any given night, people would have laughed at you. However tonight, that’s a different story, with Phoenix looking to win their third in a row, and Los Angeles fight a three-way race with the Coyotes and the Sharks out West. With great hockey action like this all over to round out a full day of sports betting at Diamond Sportsbook, you should have no problems finding great games for your betting on sports this Saturday!

Aaron G.