College Bowl games, College Hoops highlights betting on …

I’m not used to Tuesday’s being this well rounded for betting on sports, however I for one am delighted to say that online sportsbook action is on and popping today at the Bookmaker Sportsbook (<a href=””>read the review of Bookmaker Sportsbook</a>)! One of my current favorites in the best online sportsbook line-up I like to frequent throughout the week, is a great sportsbooks amongst a sea of competitors. What makes so nice is simplicity. You know what you want, you want to the right tools and the ease-of-use, and you get it. Done deal. Therefore, for my quick jaunt into betting on sports today, the sportsbook dishes me up two Bowl games, 7 NBA contests, 15 College hoops match-ups, 6 hockey square-offs, 2 Premier League games….and a cherry on top! Whew. That’ll do ya.

To get things started, UCLA and Temple start off the Bowls today, with UCLA hopefully pulling out a win for the PAC-10, a conference in need of some good performances this year anywhere they can get it. However, for sportsbook wagering, I’m interested in busted points totals in this one, as hopefully the ol’ College D will step aside, and let the offense duke it out. Quite the opposite in our next game, with #15 Miami vs. #25 Wisconsin in the Champ Sports Bowl. This is my underdog pick for today, as I still don’t fully trust that Miami has returned to their elite status of old. Wisconsin has a great ground attack and a solid defense, which will be the difference in this one. Either way you slice it, it’s not a bad call to shoot for a low point score, as I expect both teams to feature the run, and play stingy downfield.

College Hoops is in great form today, with 12 Top 25 teams in action, with games including #5 Syracuse vs. Seton Hall, as well as #24 Texas Tech against #17 New Mexico. #6 West Virginia will get a test against Marquette, who is a team with a pretty tough schedule, doing pretty well (8-4). Kansas, Texas, Kentucky and Purdue should all run away with victories tonight, as all but Purdue are at home, and the opponents relatively unknown. Finding lots of mismatches up on the sportsbook lines board at will be easy today, so make sure to cash in on some lumped favorites, and turn small wagers into great payouts. With another great online sports betting site at your disposal in, join us at their site today, get into the action, and start winning now!

Aaron G.