Thursday Night Football caps last full day of wagering …

Happy Holidays to you from us here at, home of the best online sports betting sites reviewed anywhere online! Enjoying the first day in a series of days off to come, I happen to stumble across a fairly saddening realization, even in times of great joy and happiness all around. With the holidays comes a break in action for each of the professional and collegiate leagues playing games this time of year, and for today’s sports betting action in store, one will want to get involved in as much action as possible, in preparation for the big lull in action over the next two days as the Christmas Holiday shuts down university campuses, and sends most athletes home to be (rightly so) with their families during the festivities). However, while the action remains strong today, we’ll take a trip to one of the top online sports betting sites reviewed here in order to get a full plate of bets in, and hopefully get enough cash racked up to help float with the massive overspending that comes so easily during this time of year. With a Thursday Night Football game lined up for the NFL, as well as another College Bowl game and plenty of NHL and NBA action to boot, you should have no problems checking into a top sportsbook, and finding at least a handful of worthy games to drop your money on today.

With a few recent additions to the list of top online sports betting sites, we’ll venture today to one of the newer members of our ‘club’, and take a trip to the WagerWeb Sportsbook (read the review of WagerWeb Sportsbook) for a crack at the sports betting action scheduled for today. At first glance, WagerWeb offers fans a simple and elegant design, perfect for easy surfing across any of your wagering choices. The other thing that strikes me first off as well, is their excellent bonus initiatives, offering 30% on initial buy-in, as well as promotional offerings that will pop-up with more use of their website. Though I’ve only been a visitor to this site for a little over a year (compared with over 4 years of play at the majority of websites listed on our site), I can already vouch that the sportsbook is top notch, the customer support has be nothing but great, and money goes in as easily as it can come out. Let’s hope to keep rolling with a few wins on the best looking bets of the day at WagerWeb Sportsbook right now!

For the first wager on Thursday, look to the Pittsburgh Steelers in a gimme match-up against the worst team in the NFL, the Carolina Panthers, who likely will be getting a #1 draft pick for next year, as well as a new coach to lead the rebuilding process for a former solid team. Though John Fox has had great years at the upstart franchise, his time as head coach might be numbered, especially should Carolina lose out the last two games of the year (which is likely, considering their opponents in Pittsburgh today, and Atlanta next week). With the Steelers getting a huge advantage on the points spread in this contest tonight while playing at home, it’s not a bad bet to go with the Steelers even with huge points, as Carolina will have no answer to the high-flying defense led by Pro Bowler Troy Polamalu. Look for lots of ground game from Rashard Mendenhall, and a good shot for the under wager today on points as well, as I for one just can’t see Carolina reaching the end zone more than once this Thursday at Pittsburgh.

Moving on to other key wagers tonight, the most interesting match-up features a new-look Orlando Magic at home against the best team in the league this year, the San Antonio Spurs. Adding Hedo Turkoglu, Jason Richardson and Gilbert Arenas this week, the Magic look to bolster their offensive production after a couple weeks of stale basketball, and get a real test right off the bat at home tonight against Tim Duncan, Tony Parker, and the 25-3 Spurs. Riding a 10 game winning streak, but coming directly off a tough win against Denver last night, Orlando may just have a good shot at coming out a winner tonight, provided they can keep the San Antonio offense in check…a feat that only 3 teams have mustered so far this year. I’ll take Orlando with the points tonight, but money would be wise to stay with the Spurs for a win while the Magic iron out their new-look lineup. In the second key match-up for the NBA today, look for the Miami Heat to stay strong on the road and grab another win against Phoenix, even without the help of Dwayne Wade tonight, and round out with an interesting look as the Milwaukee Bucks look for a rare road win at Sacramento to face the struggling Kings.

With solid match-ups in NCAA hoops, as well as a handful of 13 games for NHL hockey, round out your betting week with a few more picks in these two sports, as a number of great match-ups make themselves available for betting on sports right now at Wager Web Sportsbook. We’ll stay updated over the next two days of holidays in preparation for the resumption of sports betting options coming back on Sunday, but until then if you’ve hung your hat up for sportsbook betting for a few days, we’ll catch you again on the flip side with great College Bowl games, NFL Football, Soccer, Basketball and Hockey action ahead to bring plenty of action through the New Year.

Aaron G.