Week 16 in NFL Football leads charge back into online …

With the NFL regular season winding down to the final two weeks of play now is a great time to place your wagers on the best games happening right now in the NFL, at one of the best online sportsbooks reviewed right here. Sportsbook.com (read the review of Sportsbook.com) opens the doors to an overwhelming display of sports betting options today, and if NFL Football suits your fancy, you’re especially in luck today. With teams jockeying for position in the playoffs, or merely trying to add a high note to an otherwise sub-par year, picking your sportsbook wagers for the NFL must be taken with some caution and it would be wise to make sure to know who’s playing in which games, and how the team vs. team comparisons break down. If ever there is a time to be diligent about your research before betting on sports, today’s bevy of NFL games beckons that investment of your time! Regardless of betting strategies for today’s match-ups, there’s no doubt that all sports fans can get excited about having a full plate of games to watch and wager on, after a few days of slow wagering due to the holidays.

Looking at the offerings at Sportsbook.com for the top NFL games of the day, many teams face do-or-die scenarios in order to make the playoffs this season, giving sports fans an exciting chance to capitalize on the fates of those teams on the bubble. First and foremost we turn to San Diego, who stumbles into Cincinnati today with an 8-6 record, badly needing a win in order to remain in playoff contention in the AFC East. With the Bengals having played sub-par football all year, albeit with a team much better than their 3-11 record suggests, the toughest fight of the day might be on the Chargers, who find themselves without Mike Tolbert in the backfield today, as well as having to travel to snowy Cincinnati in conditions they aren’t accustomed to. Is today the day the Bengals break their run of 10 straight losses? Perhaps, but as always, use caution when taking out any wager that favors Carson Palmer…like anyone playing fantasy football knows, he can bust you 10 times for every one good performance he has. Maybe this time he actually shows up. On to other good match-ups for NFL Football wagers, and a key match-up that San Diego fans will look to, catch the Kansas City Chiefs looking to outright secure the AFC West with a win at home over the visiting Tennessee Titans. It may simply not matter what happens in the San Diego vs. Cincinnati game, and with a 6-0 home record this year, the Titans may not stand a chance against Matt Cassel and his pounding 1-2 combination in the backfield of Thomas Jones and Jamaal Charles. For the first time in 17 years, Jeff Fishers’ job may be at risk today, as the Titans have dropped 8 of 9 on their way out of the playoffs, amidst injuries and team drama.

In other playoff picture games today in the NFL, Jacksonville needs a win at home against the Washington Redskins to stay in the playoff hunt, but without star running back Maurice Jones-Drew, it may be tougher going for the Jaguars than one might initially expect. However, with Washington’s terrible defense and dysfunctional team chemistry, Jacksonville gets my pick to prevail at home, and stay in contention for the playoffs for at least another week. In perhaps the best match-up of the day, find the New York Giants heading to the frozen tundra of Lambeau Field to take on Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay Packers, in what could be tough going for the New York Giants offense, led by Eli Manning. Green Bay must win out to secure a playoff spot, and with the Giants struggling as of late, the Green Bay defense may once again come to the rescue, having played very well all season long, anchored by young linebacker Clay Matthews. We’ll take Green Bay at home, which could deal a severe blow to the Giants’ playoff hopes in a tough division. With even more great games in store for the NFL today, find lots of great betting options at Sportsbook.com right now before the games get underway!

Fishing for a few more wagers for betting on sports today, find plenty of action in the Barclay’s English Premier League, as the half way point in the season is upon us, and betting becomes a bit easier as teams ride streaks, and play one another for the second or third time this season. Manchester City has been a boon for sports bettors recently, and facing Newcastle today, looks to be a good lock for a win. Manchester United is also hot at the moment, taking on Sunderland, and as always, I like my Spurs to prevail with Rafael van der Vaart back in the lineup, even on the road against Aston Villa today. Making a run for the fourth spot as Chelsea continues to flounder in December, Tottenham is a great team to look at for sports betting, as they, along with Manchester United and Arsenal ride the hottest play in the league right now. Make sure to also check out the loads of sports betting options across NBA Basketball today, as well as NHL Hockey, as both leagues bring back plenty of good games on Sunday worth a wager or two. With College Football bowl games picking back up as well, now through the end of the year will be great times for betting on sports, and you’ll certainly want to check out the best options at the best sportsbooks reviewed here, like the one at Sportsbook.com today!

Aaron G.