Closing down 2010 with more great sports bets on Bowl …

From us at, please let me early to say Happy New Year!!! As always, we appreciate anyone coming to our website to find updates on the exciting world of online sports betting, and those visiting the top sports betting sites reviewed here over the past few years. Before we end what has been another down great year of fun and excitement betting on sports, I have to mention that once again it’s been a great year in sports and for betting on sports online, as we’ve continued to add more great online sportsbooks to the fold of the best in the business, and had more fun with all the great sports action than ever before! To continue the trend, but to also honor one of the best online sportsbooks around, we take a trip to a favorite at the sportsbook (read the review of My first online sportsbook ever, happens to be the first sports betting website I registered with 4 years ago upon coming to, and once again it remains one of the most trafficked sites during the day-to-day sports betting action that we engage in right here. Lucky to once again have broken even on another year at (thanks in part to continued bonus opportunities, as well as plenty of luck), proves time and time again to be a leader in online sports betting, and is a great place to start your foray into sportsbook action if you haven’t chosen a top sportsbook of your own for wagering just yet.

To wind down the 2010 sports season, as expected we have yet again more action in College Bowl games for betting on sports, as well as opportunities to place wagers on the blitz of great games scheduled for New Years’ Day ahead. For starters, 4 bowl games get underway this evening, although with tougher match-ups to pick as the teams are much better aligned versus the lopsided affairs that took place yesterday (in which games were decided by a margin of more than 25 points on average). Though personally I have stake in today’s games as Washington faces #18 Nebraska in the Holiday Bowl, I simply can’t find any way that Washington will win, especially after looking back on Nebraska’s 55-21 slaughtering of the Huskies AT Washington earlier this year. Though the Huskies have picked up play, and Nebraska is coming off a disappointing season end in a tough loss to #9 Oklahoma and won’t be thrilled to be in this game, Nebraska has to be the heavy favorite for anyone placing a wager on the game today. In other bowl games worth a shot at wagering on, find SMU vs. Army in the Armed Forces Bowl, a fun showdown in new Yankee Stadium as Syracuse takes on Kansas State, and North Carolina against Tennessee in the Music City Bowl. Outside of Nebraska, UNC looks to be the only team that will get my nod for a win…I’m staying away from two tough-to-call match-ups in favor of other options in the NBA and NHL.

Without a doubt, we must close out the year with a continuation of a couple wagers on NBA Hoops and NHL Hockey, which have remained day-to-day staples for those looking for exciting wagering action. In Hockey today, find 6 games for the fastest game around including a good match-up between the Boston Bruins and hosts Atlanta Thrashers (check out this game for two great goaltenders in Tim Thomas and Ondrej Pavelec), the San Jose Sharks heading to battle the Blackhawks in Chicago, Los Angeles hosting Philadelphia and Montreal versus Tampa Bay in a tough road game for the Habs. In the NBA, find three great games as the centerpiece of pro hoops today, as great games between San Antonio and Dallas, Portland and Utah, as well as New York vs. Orlando should make for a few great looks to add in to your sports betting ticket. With the final wager placed at the Sportsbook, it’s just a matter of time before the games get underway, and then the great festivities ahead. Wishing you a Happy New Year and a great 2011 ahead, we continue to appreciate all the visitors stopping by for updates on the exciting world of online sports betting, and for the patronage of the best online sports betting sites the web has to offer. As always, good luck in your wagers, here’s to hoping your home team wins in whatever league they are playing in, and also to more cash in your online account to start off another year of wagers!

Aaron G.